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6 Sep 2017
Here's another in my series of songs accompanied by a fractal video animation. It's on the heavy side. This one is a challenging one to mix, so any feedback you could provide about the mix or performance or composition would be greatly appreciated.

12 Aug 2017
It's kind of awkward to try to use GMC forums on a phone. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't all of the common software packages used for forums already have built in mobile support? I think that's why it's unusual to see a forum like GMC with this problem.
7 Jul 2017
I started the "More Please" thread to make people think about how troll threads can be toxic, especially here at GMC. Troll threads can change GMC from a fun place to hang out to a pit of despair. Even if you don’t engage in the discussion, it taints GMC since its very presence defines what the forum is about.

Kris has noble reasons to encourage political discussion. He wants to shed the light of truth on sensitive subjects. But AKRich is right. All it accomplishes is: it gives GMC a toxic stench.

There are countless places for people to voice opinions about political matters, and discuss those matters with people with similar, different, or a variety of views. Nobody needs GMC to permit political discussions in order to have a place to engage in such discussions. It's more than a little sad that someone feels GMC is a good place to go to start a political argument.

There are many social situations where political discussion is discouraged because it is counterproductive. I agree with AKRich, GMC should be one such place where political topics are avoided.
1 Jul 2017
Dear Kristofer:

I read on the internet (so it must be true) that human sacrifice is widely practiced in Sweden and is causing a significant decrease in the national population. Breitbart news quotes the Commander of Sweden as saying the extreme amount of blood in the streets from the sacrifices is causing severe disruption as pedestrians track the sticky mess into homes and businesses, and blames this problem on the fact that the Swedish health care system is funded by the government.

Please tell us how this is true in 150 words or less.

P.S. I will be happy to provide youtube videos which show people talking loudly about this.
25 Apr 2017
Got my Digitech Freqout pedal today. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a new pedal from Digitech that lets you get feedback without playing loudly in front of an amp. I recorded this little snippet while playing through headphones smile.gif.

This was recorded with the type set to "3rd", which means the feedback will be the third harmonic above the dry tone. I have the onset turned all the way up, so you don't hear feedback until a note is sustained for a couple of seconds.

It's amazing, it's like stepping in front of an amp! Very inspiring. Set the type to 1st, turn off the dry and you can use it like an ebow. Or turn up the dry and set the type to sub for an octaver. They were really smart about the number of controls to include, so you can use it a lot of different ways.

It's not perfect. You get some unnatural effects sometimes when sliding. And there's subtle aliasing with high pitched tones. But this is awesome, I'll get a lot of use out of it.
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