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I have 9 guitars, that is, 5 Gibsons, 2 Fenders, a Martin, and a Dobro. I also have 9 pets, including 8 cats, Sweetie, Buddy, Sunshine, Daisy Mae, Wooskie Booskie, White Kitty, Tom-Tom, and Scampy , and my best friend, a dog named BoBo. And now another dog, a Blue Muir called Miska.
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24 Jun 2016
On plagiarism suit by the Estate of Randy Wolfe, the deceased guitarist of the band Spirit. Jimmy Page had testified that the song's progression in "Stairway to Heaven" had more in common with Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins than Spirit's "Taurus".

Immediately after the verdict lawyers at Disney Inc. announced that they will be initiating a plagiarism suit against Led Zeppelin.
30 May 2015
I am talking about tube amps here.

I have a half dozen large ones. A couple of them have a little hum, ether 60 cycle or 120 cycle. It is only noticeable at bed room levels.

Before I go on, yes, I like playing a big amp even at bed room levels. I don't like small amps. I don't like small amps, or plugging into some digital device rather than my big tube amps. My big tube amps are part of my manhood. I consider playing anything but a big tube amp analogous to going outside not wearing any pants.

Also, when people ask about this, most guys start taking about pickups and cords and noise gates and things. NO NO NO! What I am talking about has nothing to do with this. If you won't accept that, please go on to the next thread. I am talking about that background 60 cycle hum that you likely get from some tubes having capacitance, or 120 cycle hum that you likely get from filter capacitors not doing the job. Or perhaps something else picking up the capacitance. But it occurs even when no guitar or anything whatever plugged in, even with the volume turned to zero, so long as your master volume is turned up.

Any thoughts on this? I sometimes think that so long as it is not too loud, well some Amplifiers have a little hum, just the way it is. How do you feel? I have one amp still in warranty with a little of this hum, I think 120 cycle. And another I just recently purchased that also has the same hum just about. I have heard some guys say that they have never had an amp that did not have some background hum. But I have some with hardly any at all. I am trying to decide whether to complain about the one I just purchased and ask for a replacement, or if I am being too picky. I like getting what I want, but like to avoid being a jack ass when possible, even when dealing with a large merchant.
20 Dec 2014
Here is the link. You can either select hearing test to the left, or 432 frequency where you can just enter frequencies until you find your upper range.

Hearing test

Curious how people here fare. Perhaps not real good. Myself I am pretty normal for my age, I can just barely hear 14K.

My new theme song
21 Nov 2014
I have a question about what is considered correct in fingering. I define correct as the way most experienced teachers would call correct. To illustrate this look at this lesson Power Metal Rhythm in E minor, particularly in the middle with the runs up and down the neck on the 5th string. I suspect that this is an example of what would be considered "incorrect" where Carlos lets his index finger fly, but I am not sure.

I am not picking on Carlos here. He has not been around for awhile, and he really did some very nice lessons, very nice often simple compositions. Actually he is one of my all time favorites. I think Gabriel knows him. But he is a good example to illustrate the topic of my question as he does have that flying iindex finger on neoclassical licks. My question is, do most teachers tell you to keep that finger planted when you to the back and forth notes with the smaller fingers?

I have serious difficulty keeping my index finger planted when I get about half way up the neck and I am playing repetitive "index finger - pinky - middle finger - pinky" patterns. I think I may even have to physical limitation there with a tendon that makes it very difficult to play without lifting my index finger as Carlos does. Or perhaps I just need to work harder to stretch my muscles out.

28 Jul 2011
poly or nano? I read Adrian's recent thread, and ordered a set of nano Elixirs. Actually I did not know at the time that their are two types, the poly being a thicker coating. I like the nano a lot. Which do any of use use, of the two types? I use a stiff pointed V-pick, which I am saying because one gets a much clearer tone with those than with a flat pick, and if there are redeeming advantages to the poly coating, I might be able to get away with it, even if the tone is not as bright.
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5 stars for you!
22 Mar 2009 - 17:54
You deserve 5 starts in my book, in fact I think you always have ;)
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i gave u five stars, thanx for ur rsponse :), i remember when i had 4 stars for like 10 months, itll happen
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Pedja Simovic
Just gave you 5 stars :)))
19 Mar 2009 - 2:06
You have 5 Gibsons, 2 Fenders, a Martin and a Dobro?? I'm jealous!! :D
If you ever feel like sharing, you know where to find me ;)
I have a little dog as well, funny little mix named Fenris.
Have a nice day!
28 Oct 2008 - 8:09

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