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20 Sep 2017
I ran into this one today while checking out a new coffee shop in the area that I had seen a flyer for advertising a blues jam night. I thought it was a beautiful guitar but wasn't really thinking too much about buying it even after the original owner told me what he might sell it for, which I thought was a pretty good price. The thing that really made me want to buy it was when I picked it up and started playing it for about an hour. biggrin.gif This guitar just feels great in my hands. In fact my Prestige may have to take a back seat to it. The owner told me it was bought in 1999 and that for most of that time it has been sitting in the back of his closet and it looks it. The frets show no wear at all really.
The 2 humbuckers can be coil split and another toggle switches the phase. The volume knob is a push/pull that controls whether the pickups are passive or active so the guitar is very versatile. I wasn't really looking for another guitar but this one found me and I just couldn't pass it up.

Oops. Sorry, I meant to post this is in the Gear and Production section. Maybe admin can move it?

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9 Aug 2017
Legendary musician, singer, songwriter, session man and member of "The Wrecking Crew" Glen Campbell has passed after battling Alzheimer's.
RIP Glen Campbell.
22 Jul 2017
Hey everyone! I have been looking for a good acoustic guitar for a while and the other day I found this one on Craigslist. A real and legit Martin D-15M and the price was very good. It was manufactured at the end of 2015, is in new condition and came with a hard case for less than half the retail price. It is a very warm sounding (not too bright) and all mahogany. I am on a roll with the good deals lately! smile.gif

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15 May 2017
I picked this up off of CG recently as an addition to the home studio setup and to use with the band. For $300 I couldn't pass it up after hearing how good it sounds. These vocal processors have come a long way since the ones I remember from the 90's. smile.gif Stacie and I have been having a lot of fun with it the last couple of days.
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13 Apr 2017
Last weekend Stacie and I decided to try and quit smoking. I went into town on Saturday and picked us up a couple of vaporizer starter kits to get the ball rolling. We both smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day of full flavored cigarettes which has roughly 18mg of nicotine per cigarette as best as I can tell.

Since Saturday I have only smoked one cigarette a day on Sun, Mon, And Tues and that was just taking a couple puffs here and there and never smoked an entire cigarette at once on those days. Stacie's results are similar to mine and neither one of us smoked at all yesterday which was Wednesday.

We started with an e-juice that contains 6mg of nicotine. At times during the first couple of days we both felt slightly nauseous at times but that has seemed to pass now after 4 days. I am thinking that next week we will try to further reduce our nicotine intake with an e-juice that contains only a 3mg avg of nicotine.

So far I am happy with the way things are going and have been very surprised that we were able to basically stop smoking immediately. The very first day that we were using the vapes, we did not need or even want to smoke a cigarette after dinner which to me is no small feat. Any smokers out there will know what I mean.

Hopefully we can continue to wean ourselves off of the nicotine and maybe even get rid of the vapes too after we have curbed our appetite for the nicotine. At the very least we have cut out a lot of other harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke almost immediately so this is a kind of progress that is very encouraging. This is the 2nd morning where I did not smoke a cigarette with my morning coffee, a ritual that I have had for most of my life and it's just incredible to me how easy the transition has been so far. It is still very early in the game but we are optimistic that this could work out very well for us if our dependence on cigarettes can further be reduced as we move forward.

Anyone else had any success with quitting smoking in this way, or other ways? This is our weapon of choice at this time in our quest to beat smoking.

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