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4 May 2017
Dude at work asked this, I said I didnt know but I knew some guys who would smile.gif

He plays harmonica through the orange micro terror. He's going to be jamming with some folk who are mic'd and going through a PA but wont have his cab with him, just the head.
Is it possible to use the head without the cab, could it go into a spare guitar amp or into to the PA in some way?

6 Apr 2017
So my chord knowledge and ability is somewhat poor and Im trying to play an acoustic version of Ramble On. I cant play it the same way Page does, my fingers just dont bend that way to bar stuff the way he does so Im learning an alternative and I really like the way this girl plays it but Im kinda stuck on the pre chorus section at 0.59. Its the 2nd and 3rd chords she plays in this part I cant figure - some sort of F# and G#? I think she plays - E, ?, ?, E shape 7th fret, E shape 9th fret. Can anyone tell me what those 2 chords are in between those E shapes?

*Im sure its mega basic stuff ph34r.gif
26 Jan 2017
Where do you start when trying to learn how to dial in better tones and also getting a tone to sit better in a mix?
Often I can hear a tone which is not 100% but I dont know exactly what it is that Im not liking. Is it a bit muffled, does it need more / less middle or presence or gain .... etc rolleyes.gif
Its the same with a mix, if its not solved with volume or reverb then Im out of ideas.
Its a difficult thing to google and Id really like to learn how to use my gear properly cool.gif
18 Dec 2016
'The OA' on Netflix is a must biggrin.gif I stuck it on yesterday to watch 10 mins of it to see what it was like. Ive now only got 2 more episodes to watch.
Its kinda like if you crossed stranger things with that 90s movie 'flatliners'. Totally worth checking out if you are into that sorta thing.
9 Dec 2016
So I was on vistprint making a couple of things for gifts and thought I might as well make myself a little something cool.gif
Now I can drink coffee like the trve kvlt kid I am biggrin.gif

you may think that the cvffee should have been black but dont worry..... it was a symphonic blackened blend with an extra dash of evil wink.gif
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