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10 Jan 2018
Im thinking about the 89 korean one I have, I really like the guitar especially the neck. Its just really nice to play. I wouldnt be looking to change the pickups, at the moment and I'd keep the bridge as its the one which has 'fender' double stamped on the saddles and tbh it seems to be decent.
what are the common upgrades people usually do in this case, is it just getting better pots and pickup selector?
Also, what would be the actual benefits of upgrading the electrics, is it worth doing?
8 Nov 2017
the second solo in Comfortably Numb, is it double tracked?
sometimes it kinda sounds panned more in the left side but Im not sure mellow.gif

20 Oct 2017
I thought it was just the more inexpensive guitars which used veneers. I didnt realise that a 'mahogany body with flame maple cap' can also be code for - 'maple cap with flame veneer'. That seems really shady to me, even for a guitar company.
I was looking at ESP, I read on a couple of forums and articles that the E-II has a veneer, they are close to 2K. I really didnt expect to see their models costing £1,700 - £1,900 with a veneer!
The ESP catalogue just states 'flame maple cap' but thats not really true imo. At least PRS state in their catalogue 'maple cap with flame veneer'.
I really like the ESP E-II Eclipse as well but totally put off by the way they dont mention that.
*if it IS a veneer... if not, I take it back and they're awesome and I still want one smile.gif

So is it just common place to stick a veneer onto a bit of maple and call it a flame maple cap?
It cant be right, not to state that. Maybe its just me.
24 Sep 2017
I thought this was a really cool video looking at how both guitarists alter their picking hand for various sections. Not by a little either but quite a lot. Even on parts where they are playing the same riff its interesting to see both attacking it quite differently.

I thought it might be of interest to some folks here who might not be familiar with the band. Even if its not your type of music, it's still worth checking out.

Also, their new album 'Relentless Mutation' is brilliant and def worth a listen. The artwork on the album is also rather tasty.

Personally, I really like this band even if listening to them reminds me just how much I suck at guitar biggrin.gif
27 Aug 2017
I watched the first episode of Norsemen on Netfilx.... it was okay but there's a character in the show which just reminded me of a certain ibanez playing norseman from our own GMC community wink.gif

maybe its just me but..... the viking standing behind the guy trying to shoot the arrow?


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