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15 Jul 2017
I was thinking about tuning my SG to C standard / drop A. Would this be do-able?
I guess Id need a new or modified nut and for strings, maybe 12-56?

Not sure what stuff to look out for or potential problems with doing this, any advice would be appreciated.
17 Jun 2017
Ive got this squier strat from a mate, actually had it for a while stashed away in the house. Other than the pickup selector electrics needing fixed, its pretty much an awesome playing guitar. I remember playing some strats in the shop when I bought my tele and thinking that none of them really felt noticeably better than this squire.
I checked the serial number, its an 'S9' seems to denote its a 1989 model from the samick factory. They dont seem to be all the expensive to buy used either.
Im totally thinking about getting the electronics fixed and maybe some nice pickups installed. 'The internet' usually says its not worth putting decent pickups in a squier but I think the guitar is pretty awesome biggrin.gif
Do these 80's korean models have a good reputation as decent guitars? or maybe I just got a really good one cool.gif

4 May 2017
Dude at work asked this, I said I didnt know but I knew some guys who would smile.gif

He plays harmonica through the orange micro terror. He's going to be jamming with some folk who are mic'd and going through a PA but wont have his cab with him, just the head.
Is it possible to use the head without the cab, could it go into a spare guitar amp or into to the PA in some way?

6 Apr 2017
So my chord knowledge and ability is somewhat poor and Im trying to play an acoustic version of Ramble On. I cant play it the same way Page does, my fingers just dont bend that way to bar stuff the way he does so Im learning an alternative and I really like the way this girl plays it but Im kinda stuck on the pre chorus section at 0.59. Its the 2nd and 3rd chords she plays in this part I cant figure - some sort of F# and G#? I think she plays - E, ?, ?, E shape 7th fret, E shape 9th fret. Can anyone tell me what those 2 chords are in between those E shapes?

*Im sure its mega basic stuff ph34r.gif
26 Jan 2017
Where do you start when trying to learn how to dial in better tones and also getting a tone to sit better in a mix?
Often I can hear a tone which is not 100% but I dont know exactly what it is that Im not liking. Is it a bit muffled, does it need more / less middle or presence or gain .... etc rolleyes.gif
Its the same with a mix, if its not solved with volume or reverb then Im out of ideas.
Its a difficult thing to google and Id really like to learn how to use my gear properly cool.gif
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