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14 Nov 2016
Not sure if its faulty or Im doing something wrong. Basically it wont stay switched on.
I registered it and downloaded Focusrite Control 2.1.2 which from what I can tell is the only software it needs and it has the drivers.

I connect it to the PC, plug in the power but when I switch it on the lights flash on then go off.
Heres a vid :
0:07 - Switch it on (lights come on then go off )
0:11 - Switch it off ( lights flash )

Same again at 0:14 - switch on / 0.17 switch off

Everytime I flick the power button on or off I hear the PC make the usual USB connected sound. If I run the focusrite control software it just displays the message 'no hardware connected'.

What d'ya think?
22 Oct 2016
Original lesson: MAB Made Easy by Ben Higgins

hand movement might be a tad 'flamboyant' Im still working on being a bit more efficient :)

7 Oct 2016
Dont know much about them tbh so largely noob Qs rolleyes.gif

if you have an amp profile of, something like a bluesbreaker, would that profile allow you run the 'amp' clean as well as dirty or do you have a clean profile and a dirty profile of the same amp?

Also, do kemper users tend to use pedals with the profiles or do you get profiles of TS9s and Muffs etc?
15 Sep 2016
ok so, that's the second high E Ive broken in the space of 5 days dry.gif Fairly certain it was even the exact same bend! Its breaking where my finger is bending the string, not at the head or the bridge. Does that suggest Im hitting it too hard or my pick is to pointy?
This is on the Tele, Ive never broke strings this frequent before. Would it be worth sticking 11s on?
11 Sep 2016
After MUCH deliberation and being in the sound booth of the shop with a bunch of guitars and a rather tasty orange half stack for ages it boiled down to either the Hendrix strat or the classic 60s tele. Both were great.

The Tele won ohmy.gif

I kinda wanted to like the strat more tbh and its a great guitar, I wish I coulda bought them both. The tele just felt better to me. There was really nothing between to two. The mojo of the tele just clicked with me, I guess rolleyes.gif
I love the 7.25 radius, Its quite subtle I think compared to the 9.5 but Its great. first thing I did on the tele was crank it up and hit big bends high up the neck...... no problem at all, no choke, nothing and that's with no setup.
If I had to pick out a physical thing that set the two apart, too much lacquer on the fretboard of the strat the tele being rosewood doesnt have that issue and I thought if I bought the strat I would def need a tone mod for the bridge pickup or just replace all the but the tele.... I might just leave the for now as I quite like them. I might switch them later but for now they sound quite good to me.

But.... I can def see a strat in my not too distant future coz I still want one, probably with a reverse headstock cool.gif I might take a punt on the vintage Fillmore one smile.gif

so, all in all Im a very proud owner of a new classic series 60's tele biggrin.gif not even took the tag off yet!
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