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Music is a journey not a destination. So enjoy the journey :)
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26 Jul 2012
Hey Guys I friend of mine asked me what companies make god acoustic guitars. I told them I dont know, Because I only know who makes good electrics . I have heard that Martin makes good acoustics. Anybody know who some good acoustic guitar companies are ?
20 Jul 2012
Hi guys smile.gif So yesterday I bought myself the Focusrite scarlett 18i6. And today I realized I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. It took me 2 hours just to figure out how to make it work with garageband! So currently this is what I do.

1 Plug my guitar direct into my interface ( because I haven't bought a mic yet )
2 Open up garageband and record .

And thats it. I am quite dissapointted with the tone I am getting . I am hoping that will change once I get a mic and mic my amp. but all in all I am wondering if I am in a little over my head. Something tells me I should be getting more out of my interface. So I am debating exchanging it ( if the store will let me ) for an interface with less bells and whistles seeing as I dont even know how to use them. I was thinking like maybe either the M-Audio MOBILE PRE MKII or The focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

My goals are to be able to record for the GMC REC program,
Post Youtube covers
And do some singing and write some songs so I would need some sort of software that does drum, and bass lines.

So if you guys dont mind would you please take the time to tell me how your record with all the steps included, and what software you guys use. Thanks smile.gif
12 Jul 2012
Okay so Todd has been helping me get setup for my own little home studio so I can record better. The only thing that I am not sure about is what recording interface to get ? originally I thought that I wanted 4 inputs so I record a bunch of stuff like my sisters piano a vocal line and 2 guitar amps. But now that I think about it couldn't I just record the tracks 1 at a time ? Currently I am leaning towards the M-Audio Fast track C400 or C600. I would love to know what recording interfaces you guys use! Any tips would be much appreciated smile.gif

8 Jul 2012
Hi everyone smile.gif I am trying to figure out how to video record myself playing for the Rec program but I cant figure out how to record a video of me playing over a backing track. Does any hear also have a mac and use imovie 08 ? If so i would appreciate any advice you have, and also what do use guys us for software and stuff ?
4 Jul 2012
Hi everyone smile.gif am kinda curious as to what the REC program is all about ? Do I just upload a video of me playing and then the instructors give me a rating and if it is high enough I pass and go on to the next level ?
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