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I need to progress and become a much better player, FAST. I've turned very old now.
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Tver, Russia
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Thrash Metal, Lead Guitar playing, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Vocals, Screaming, Shredding, Learning, video games
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23 Nov 2014
Hey guys ! What's up ? biggrin.gif Wanted to share, I've been to three concerts in the past month !! Every time it was so amazing. The first concert I went to was an amazing Black Metal evening of craziness, screaming, and lots of headbanging ! All the bands were amazing and I made a new friend with whom I might even play in the near future and he may be the bassist in the band I am trying to create. Totally amazing. This was, 8th of November.

The next evening, I went to the only concert I really was looking forward, which was being headlined by a Russian band called EVO, a transcore band which is really close to my heart because their lyrics helped me a lot in getting over my ex wink.gif That's why we're all into music, getting over sadness in life and enjoying the happy times with it smile.gif Right ? Well, guess what - that was the worst concert of all 3 laugh.gif laugh.gif The one I was most looking forward to. But the most important too, for the future. First I got to meet the vocalist of that band and I said hi and told him that I really like their music and the lyrics and that even though Russian isn't my first language, I still understand and really appreciate it. His reaction - Thanks, we try, and then goes away... The rockstar attitude dry.gif That was totally not cool. Then the concert started. The first band that played was called Shaman Ra, and they totally rocked the show, with amazing songs, riffs and we were all jumping with them biggrin.gif Really cool. Turned out to be the best band of the evening. And after show I was kinda able to talk to the guitarist and give a few compliments and stuff. Really nice guy. And of course, the high five's and handshakes that happen between songs and stuff biggrin.gif Because I am always right in front wink.gif biggrin.gif The next band that played was called.. I guess Must Wear Purple (CRAZY NAME, they weren't even wearing purple !) and it was as if they were playing breakdowns all the time. With a bit of clean vocals. They kinda lacked the energy.

Next came on EVO, what I was really looking forward to. And they were pretty unprofessional to be honest. They have 3 vocalists in the band and two of them weren't present. And the only one who was singing was making excuses and stuff dry.gif They played in Moscow last night and were probably hungover. But, nonetheless, they rocked it and we were all jumping and singing along ! Even I was biggrin.gif So, it was kinda worth it. I saw it as setting myself free from the past smile.gif

Now, here's when things get interesting. Since they were the best band of the evening, I commented on Russian facebook that they were and the guitarist invited me to the next concert. And, he added me as a friend and coincidentally, a few days later he saw me in a bus taking my new Jackson guitar in the packaging (and I didn't even notice him ! laugh.gif ) And he wrote to me about how's the guitar and we started chatting and he again invited me to the concert and insisted me to attend, even though it was in another town, though not far away from here, at least in my terms smile.gif And, I told him that I am interested, but need a ride. And he arranged that for me with another band that would be playing.

So, I went to that other town with the other band (called Generation), and, we became pretty good friends, especially after the concert started biggrin.gif As they were making their debut on stage and totally rocked it. And after show we greeted and they asked me how was it and we had some nice chat over some Jack Daniels tongue.gif (I always wanted to try, which I did, thanks to those guys) They were all pretty kind and down to earth guys smile.gif And, since I am from another country which is not seen as a place where you'll find a metalhead, I was the center of attention sadly laugh.gif laugh.gif After we all had some food and drinks, it was time for Shaman-ra to come on biggrin.gif And they rocked it once again. But more than the performance, it was the crowd !!!! So amazing, the energy was really high. If one person starts shouting all ''ey ey ey'' to a rhythm (that would be me most of the times) all would join in within a few seconds biggrin.gif And moshing was pretty nice too biggrin.gif They were recording a live album and it feels great to be a part of it, especially because my friend invited me to the concert. Of course, I don't have any pictures of the evening tongue.gif I was too busy pumping the metal horns, fist, shouting and trying to sing along, and a little bit of moshing !!! They rocked it and after the show was over, there was this BIG GROUP photo where some of us climbed on stage and posed with the band. Apparently, I turned out right beside the vocalist laugh.gif And I didn't have a clue where I was. It was all so spontaneous.

Then some more backstage stuff when I met Alexander (the guitarist and the guy who invited me) introduced me for the others, and I thanked him a lot but, he was all the time going ''Yash, thanks a lot for coming man'' Amazing guy ! I can't thank him enough. And, after a while, it was sadly time to go, so, I got in bus with the guys from Generation and we had a great time in the bus. smile.gif Just one of the most amazing day of my life biggrin.gif I got to learn about vocals from both the vocalists. And made some great new friends who're rockers. And they said they'll try to hook me up with some guys to play with. Just amazing.

And today Alexander messaged me that Generation might need a guitarist soon as one of them is leaving sad.gif Sad to be honest. I guess that's how the music ''business'' works ? You get to know people and talk to them ? smile.gif And he already invited me for the next 2 concerts ! I'm going biggrin.gif laugh.gif
20 Sep 2014
I've seen so many guitars with a quilted or a flamed maple top smile.gif They look much more amazing than their non-maple topped counterparts smile.gif Especially quilted maple tops. I just love them biggrin.gif The reason I've gotta wait for my guitar (there's a thread on that, if you want to check out) is because of that maple top in an amber sunburst finish. There's one available in the plain black finish, and one in trans black finish. But, that one looked the BEST ! It looked as if the guitar was on fire ph34r.gif My question is - what does a maple top add to a guitar's tone, except the amazing looks of course ? smile.gif How much difference would be between, say a Les Paul with a maple top and mahogany body and one without the maple top and just the mahogany body ? smile.gif
12 Sep 2014
Hey guys !!! I posted a thread about acoustic guitars. Hope you check that out as well smile.gif This one too will be a pretty long one, me rambling laugh.gif Sorry tongue.gif

So, finally, I am going to buy the guitar of my dreams - a Jackson King V. This will be my second guitar ever. At least electric if you don't count the crappy acoustic I have. Even though it's not the exact same thing I want it to be, it's pretty darn close. It has an Alder body, Maple neck, ebony fingerboard (the wood combination I actually wanted), and neck through construction. I felt the neck on a few Jacksons and they feel really amazing ! Slim, easy to shred on and do chords that want you to stretch. smile.gif It has a Floyd Rose Bridge (Floyd Rose 1000 series tremolo) They say it's the same as the Original Floyd Rose, but, it's made in Korea, not Germany. Compromisable ? Because I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Licensed Floyd's. Next, it has EMG picksups, 81 in the bridge. Either the 85 or 89. Not sure because I've seen mixed stuff. Some sites mention it's an 85, other's and more practical reviews say it's an 89. I would personally prefer the 89 because it can go single coil mode. But, I would have much more prefered if it had Duncan JB-4 and Jazz in it. The JB-4 has more vocal quality mid range in my opinion. It has the ''aww'' and that nasaly thing smile.gif It's hard to describe in words. smile.gif So, I was thinking, if possible, would I be able to switch the pickups out in the future for duncans, or possibly, the active Dave Mustaine Livewires, which are basically active JB-4 and Jazz. Is it possible ? I've seen most people shift from Passive to Active EMGs. I wanna do the opposite laugh.gif Oh, and, there's nothing fancy about those tuners I guess sad.gif High end ones would have been nice, locking with a high gear ratio tongue.gif I know, I'm greedy wink.gif laugh.gif

The only things I don't like about the guitar are - Pickups (I would prefer Duncan JB-4/Jazz combo, or the Dave Mustaine Livewires), Inlays (They're black. White is the way!), tuners (why not give us schaller or grover or something ? Maybe the Planet Waves Auto trim ones which Chris Broderick uses on his guitars ?) Oh, and also, just two knobs sad.gif I wanted three tongue.gif So, I could mod things later down the line if needed. But, all these are minor things, right ? Which may even be replaceable in the future, if I wish so. smile.gif I guess

Now, since I out of inexperience and just listening to things, prefer passive pickups a bit more, especially the JB because of that nasally ''aww'', I thought, why not get a second guitar to contrast this one, something very different. So, I thought of getting a Les Paul, or rather, a single cut. Completely different smile.gif Mahogony body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, tone-pros bridge (let's me change tunings very easily, something I do a lot, not possible with a Floyd).

After a bit of searching, I found my ''almost'' perfect Les Paul - The Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom PLUS wink.gif It's got the true Les Paul-ness, if you will. Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, set neck, 24,75'' inches scale length, and had 24 frets. Exactly what I wanted. And, it even had nice 14:1 or 16:1 (don't remember which ones) Grover tuners smile.gif Sweet, right ? Once again, we have a deal killer against perfection - THE PICKUPS !! Gibson USA humbuckers. Though EMG's are available on another model, I am not looking at that one because if I buy the Jackson (which I 100% will), I won't know how passives feel.
But, I also liked the PRS Mikael Akerfaldt model. Basically, for my second guitar, any single cut that's shorter scale lengthed and has 24 frets without EMGs will do the job. Is it a good idea to have such variety, or just stick to something that I find nice in the first go ? considering I just own a crappy 80 dollar guitar with a fat neck and don't have any experience with tone. What do you think ? Any comments smile.gif
12 Sep 2014
Hey guys smile.gif biggrin.gif I missed you all !! How is everyone ? I haven't posted in ages. But, I am back and more active than ever ! smile.gif This one's gonna be a long post. Hope you read till the end tongue.gif

I have 1200 Euros (around $1600) at hand biggrin.gif tongue.gif And, I am gonna spend it on my second and third guitars smile.gif So glad. biggrin.gif Finally, I'll have a good weapon to play and shred and make music. biggrin.gif For the electric, I have decided to go for the guitar of my dreams. a Jackson King V. It's a Pro series model with Floyd Rose and EMGs (Gonna make a thread on that). I initially wanted to buy a second electric, but Cosmin said it's better to buy an acoustic first, and he's 100% right, as I wanted to buy the second electric only because I wanted to. A second electric is an overkill tongue.gif (More details in the thread about the Jackson)

Now, on to the topic, I wanna buy an acoustic, and I don't know a thing. I don't know what to look for in one, how should it play, how should it sound. smile.gif I start from zero. But, I wanna buy one that stays with me a long way smile.gif And, I don't want to spend a lot on it. I have no idea whatsoever how much should I be looking to spend ? I have money. But I wanna save it for another electric laugh.gif And later a 12 string because it has a godly effect biggrin.gif Greedy me tongue.gif

So, what to look for ? In terms of playability, I prefer thin necks, so, whenever I pick up an acoustic, I always go - fat neck, fat neck laugh.gif I have stubby fingers I guess sad.gif Not a guitar players fingers ? Tone wise - I don't know. I like the acoustic sound from Metallica's Fade To Black and Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (My Favorite acoustic tone of all time probably) and Tangerine, Megadeth's 13, Iron Maiden's (second most favorite) Dance of Death (live from Death on the Road) Three Days Grace's Never Too Late and Wake Up. Guns N' Roses' Patience (not much though smile.gif )

I think these songs would give you people a little idea of what I like ? Because, I myself don't know what I like laugh.gif But what I know is - I love to write clean moody stuff rolleyes.gif So, I'll need an acoustic

So, let's make the best acoustic guitar buying guide ever ? laugh.gif The materials, construction, neck shapes. Let's include all of it ? biggrin.gif laugh.gif We can do it !! We are GMC biggrin.gif
10 Mar 2014
Hey guys biggrin.gif I know its been a very long time, years since I've regularly been here. But, here I am (will you send me an angel ?)

Just wanted to let you know, that, after years of playing guitar (JUST 3) I FINALLY GOT A GIG biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Its on 21st of March. I really want to make my mark with this one, as a lead guitarist/vocalist. smile.gif

Now, the song we're performing is this classic

I got rhythm guitar as the job initially, but, over the weekend, I practiced, practiced, and learnt the final solo, and want to do the vocals smile.gif Singing this one, is tough. So, need help with that. Other than that, a few recordings with guitar pro backing me up as a band coming up soon. smile.gif Stay tuned. Cosmin, Let's go to my thread biggrin.gif

PS - We can't find a vocalist, and Russians have horrible English accents. So, my roommate encouraged me to be the vocalist, because, that was my intention in the first place.
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