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1 Jun 2016

So I'm working on an album to finally get some music out into the world and I just got finished with the next track, would love to know what people think, good or bad...

There's more over here:

The concept for the album is all about the relationship between men and machines and how technology shapes the world. It's my first real attempt at writing music so it's been a real struggle to just get to the point that I have these three tracks.
18 Mar 2015
So I make a habit now of recording every gig my covers band does on a Zoom H2N portable recorder, as it helps me listen back and figure out what needs work.

One of the 'features' of the band is that we put in ridiculous shred solos where-ever we can as there's not a lot of bands around that play in this style so it sort of separates us out a bit so that people remember us.

It's not overly musical, and if anyone has heard any of my stuff before it's pretty much more of the same, but thought I'd share one I recorded the other night.

It's pretty much a straight cover of "The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So" up until about 2:20 when it just goes mental.

Let me know what you think!

12 Feb 2015

So after a long time of talking about it, and planning for it, I'm leaving my job behind for a couple of years to focus on playing the guitar.

I've been a member here (mainly lurking in the darkness) for a long time, so I thought I'd post about what I'm up to, as I haven't yet spoken here much.

I have until now worked as an audio programmer in the video game industry, but decided to take some time out to concentrate on my own games projects and, most importantly, playing the guitar.

I still have some games work to finish on my own projects (I intend to release some of my own games, too! - you can read about my latest game project here), but I'm generally going to be spending around 10 hours a day, 5 days a week playing guitar for a good portion of the 2 years I have planned for. Well, if my mental state and/or hands don't give out! It's mainly an experiment to see 1) whether I can handle it over a long period of time, and 2) if it has any positive impact on my skills as a musician.

I have a blog at if you'd like to follow my activities. It's a bit bare at the moment, but I intend to fill the currently empty pages with posts about my video game and guitar related goings-on.

Any thoughts/ideas/comments/suggestions are welcomed!
22 Nov 2014

I decided to start up a blog about making video games and playing guitar, which obviously have little to no overlap, but if you're interested you can check it out at

I just posted my first video on there - a play through of Pride and Joy by SRV, feedback is really appreciated!

20 Oct 2014

I've been playing in this covers band for a while now, and the other guitarist made some recordings on his handheld Zoom H2N at one of our gigs, I thought I'd share it!

Soundcloud Playlist

I think overall the recordings not too bad considering it was just a portable recorder that was used.

The solos are improvised, so they get a bit ropey at times. I thought it was a really bad gig when we played it, but a week later when I got around to listening to the recording I'd forgotten where all the mistakes where so the playing sounds better than I remember it doing!

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