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20 Sep 2015
Hi guys looking at getting back into the rec programme can anyone help me?

looking to learn country stuff and some neoclassical, bit of a difference I know but I'm in country band so wanna make my country playing better.

the Neoclassic stuff I just love but my technique is rubbish.
16 Sep 2015
Hi Guys and Gals, not been on the site for a while, miss the old GMC crew. Hows it going?
4 Jun 2011
Hey guys been thinking about getting an Amp which I can play my Pod X3 Live through ( I just use some edirol monitors atm or headphones)
But to be honest I don't know where to start, would like a valve amp but not sure if that would work? don't want anything too loud 5 watt max for a valve.

I don't want individual pedals can't really afford them sad.gif

Currant ideas (don't know if there any good or not)

Blackstar HT-1r
Blackstart HT-5
Orange Tiny Terror
Laney L5T-112 Lionheart

Thats all I have atm any ideas??
1 Jun 2011
Today I went to PMT in Birmingham just to have a nose around, and after some egging on by my good friend Chris Evans! I purchased this baby A Handmade custom shop RR1T in Bengal Yellow. omg this is an amazing guitar smile.gif big big smile \m/

Attached Image

Will add more pics later smile.gif
19 May 2011
Hey guys Back on the GMC after a long hiatus, looking forward to get cracking again.

Blame Mr Chris Evans for me coming back, Plus some super lessons from Ben Higgins convinced me to re subscribe smile.gif

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