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His name is Iron King
He can fight a bear hand to hand
Fell a tree with a stare
Cause a thunderstorm with a single strum from his nimble fingers on his powerful instrument known only as Abyss

He is the Iron King

*Written by a good friend, edited for length*
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Iron King
32 years old
Montreal, Canada
Born Aug-31-1987
Destroying the ear drums of the world, one face melting solo and a time
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10 Jan 2009
Hey guys,

I know there are some people on this board that like Thrash so I just wanted to make sure that none of you missed the awesome line up that is currently on tour.

This may be old news for some, but Kreator is on tour with Exodus and Warbringer.
Kreator and Exodus are absolute legends so no true Thrash fan can miss this!

They seem to be touring all over the world
you can check Kreator or Exodus' myspace for tour locations/dates

hope this helps
3 Jul 2008
Those of you who are into metal probably already know this band, but lately Evile (a British Thrash band) has been generating a lot of buzz.

Publications such as Metal Revolution and Terrorizer are praising this band claiming they are one the best metal bands in recent memory. Kerrang! is even on record for saying that "[Evile is] Carrying the Genre's whole revival on their shoulders"

here are some of their songs

Enter The Grave:

Burned Alive:

We Who Are About to Die:

In my opinion these guys are fantastic. I find it ironic that Evile, who is obviously heavily influence by Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth can turn around and show them how Thrash is done (except Testament, those guys still rock).

Are any of you guys familiar with this band? Share your thoughts
Even if you hate them, I would still like to know

20 Jun 2008
Hey guys,

I haven't used my JCM 2000 in a bit, but yesterday I plugged it in to test my new guitar (Gibson SG Standard).

When I went into the gain channel the it sounded extremely crackly. I'm not sure how to describe it but it definitely was not the heavy distortion sound we know from Marshall. I'm thinking I need to replace the tubes, but the the clean channel sounds pretty good. That's why I'm hesitant on spending money for new tubes.

anyone encountered something like this before?

27 Apr 2008
Hey guys,

Recently I decided that instead of buying a new guitar, that I would like to upgrade my very first guitar into an awesome metal machine.

My first guitar was an Ibanez GRX20

This is a really low end guitar, but it would really mean a lot to me if I made it a great guitar. Essentially I'm willing to get rid of everything but the body itself.

I would like to replace the neck with a better one, maybe with custom inlays
I would also replace the pups, maybe throw in some Warpigs

My main question is about the bridge. Would I have to replace that as well? If yes, is that hard to do?

I'm also curious about the color, is there a way to strip the paint off without damaging the body?

do you guys have any ideas/advice?

19 Apr 2008
hey guys,
I just learned of this metal festival that's coming to my home town (Montreal)
here is the line up:

Line up is:

3 Inches of Blood
Symphony X
Type O Negative
Lauren Harris?

Motley Crue
Drowning Pool
Shadows Fall
Three Days Grace

There are some bands that I dont like there, but I'm really excited about seeing Maiden. We all know how legendary their shows are!

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