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My name is Scott Campbell, I'm a Junior in high school, and I've been playing guitar for something like 3 years.
GMC is freaking awesome. I've been using it for about 5 months now and it is amazing.

Friends are cool. Find me on Facebook under Skaught Campbell.
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25 years old
Strasburg, Va
Born June-2-1992
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10 Nov 2009
I'm moving to LA after I get out of high school, pretty much no matter what. I have a house out there, and all is grand.

My aunt just showed me this school, And I'm thinking I want to apply there, perhaps go into their music technology program.

But... here's the scary thing...

They don't look at students for their grades... only their artistic abilities. So... I have to audition.

Now, I've been playing guitar for five or six years, but... I don't have too much experience being judged critically for my artistic merit. It's a little frightening.

Now, I've only just started looking into it... but It's a definite thing. I am going to apply there. So I was wondering if... you know... anyone could help me out a bit. Tell me what I need to do to not make a fool of myself at the audition, and perhaps... some things I should know before applying?

I'd appreciate any help... I feel a little... hopeless. :\


2 Jan 2009
I'd go for the Yngwie Malmsteen Strat, or perhaps... the MK Guitars Muris Custom? I'd love that guitar. :]
6 Dec 2008

I'm certain I can't sing like this... based on the fact that I can only hit the Eb below that G.

But, like... How does one sing so high, in a falsetto, then rasp their voice like that?

Whenever I sing falsetto, It's always very smooth, and there's nothing I can do to make it more interesting.

19 Nov 2008
Hey, David.

I've been loosely studying modes for the past few months. I really only payed attention to the method where you just take the major scale and then play it starting from a different note, and that gives you a mode.

I was satisfied with that for a while. Then just tonight, I worked on actually memorizing the 3 note per string patterns of the modes. 'Twas easy enough. Took about an hour.

My question now is: Where do I go next?


10 Aug 2008
Any ideas?

Here it is, btw.

(Sorry for the lack of lyrics, I'm workin' on that. wink.gif )
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