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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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3 Dec 2016 parents keep asking me for a wish list, but I'm not sure what to wish for! I don't know what the price limit is, but obviously it's not like a new guitar or something. So something smaller in the price range of $0 to $200, I suppose.

Any suggestions for something gear related? smile.gif
23 Nov 2016
EDIT: Already did a quick sketch, now looking for a singer:

It's a cheese fest kinda song, so be warned! Here are the lyrics:

I am walking on tightropes high in the sky
Afraid to fall yet I delicately tread along
And should I ever lose hope I will carry on
Cause there's just a fine line between triumph and failure

But if I keep my head up
And walk with pride in my stride
If I don't ever give up
I'll find the place for you and I

So if they've broken down my stronghold
Together we'll rebuild anew
I'll wipe the tears from my eyes
And turn to face another day

We're all walking on tightropes high in the sky
Afraid to fall yet we delicately tread along
And should you ever lose hope just you carry on
Cause there's just a fine line between triumph and failure

But if you keep your head up
and walk with pride in your stride
If you don't ever give up
Then you'll find the place for you and I

But if they've broken down your stronghold
Together we'll rebuild anew
Just wipe the tears from your eyes
And turn to face another day

[Guitar Solo]

So if you count all your days and memories
that add up to make you who you are
Then don't dismiss the time you've spent in sorrow
The time in grief or in regret
Cause if you learn from all of your mistakes
Then they will add to make you whole
A whole that's greater than the sum of all it's parts
Now all you've lived through makes you who you are

So if they've broken down our stronghold
Together we'll rebuild anew
We'll wipe the tears from our eyes
And turn to face another day

If we keep our heads up
and walk with pride in our stride
If we don't ever give up
We'll find the place for you and I


This is a bit out of my style, but still prog-metal'ish. A ballad, it is, even.

However I'm not even sure if I want to record it, first off because I can't reach the higher notes myself on the vocal lines, and the lyrics are perhaps so and so.

If you (anyone on here!) could spare some input on this GP5 file, it would be awesome. Both on the music and lyrics. smile.gif

Also, better to listen with Midi than with RSE, which is a mess biggrin.gif
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Attached File  115420__Tightropes.gp5 ( 56.67K ) Number of downloads: 12
17 Nov 2016
...not really been playing guitar, and still not feeling much like it. It's been that way for the past couple of months or more. I've struggled in the past with some mental health related stuff. Still am. Anyway, I had to go into some work experience/internship to see how well I would fare in that. It was at a sort of school for socially marginalized people. Cool place and all, people were friendly, they liked me, but it still stressed me out to no end. I was either sleeping 2 hours a night, lying awake, or coming straight home from the job and sleeping 15 hours till the next day. It screwed up my sleep a lot, and I lost my motivation for doing anything at all. No guitar, no nothing. I'm hoping I can find my way back to playing and composing. Didn't eat well either. Started getting paranoid and what have we. In the end it wasn't the best of experience.

Yet I've still decided to try my luck with some education, social worker education, which is actually exactly in the above field, or it could be with children or youth. We'll see. But it's still the most realistic education I can do, I think. This takes 3½ years. There's some good news as well though, as I'll likely have more money between my hands than now, even during the education, due to my health situation.

So, I wanna get back at playing guitar and composing, but there's just no inspiration, motivation or anything. It doesn't seem to come natural and it doesn't seem to come when I push for it. Not too happy about that. Maybe some of you have some advice?

So, yeah, I just wanted to share with you guys that I'm still alive and not really kicking though. Hope you're all well and grooving!

I'll try to be more active again around here, as said, the internship kinda ruined a lot for me.
19 Aug 2016
I was browsing a few threads on here, looking at some youtube videos and thought I'd subscribe to those I've seen. It's always nice with some subscribers smile.gif So I'm just brainstorming a bit here.

How about we share our channels and subscribe to each other? Of course you're welcome to not do so if you don't want to, but I thought it would be a nice way to stay connected on youtube too smile.gif

If I can keep editing this post, which I don't think I can, maybe we could make a list of the youtube-channel of people on here, so it's all in the first post (and the posts you decide to write as well).

Kristofer Dahl:
EDIT: Just threw Todd's in there as well, bet he won't mind.
12 Aug 2016
Every other site works well with youtube embeds, but at GMC I only get a black screen with a hint of the "Y" in youtube. This happens in all browsers.
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