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4 Jan 2017
So as some of you may have read in various threads, my 6-7 year old computer died. And it was time to upgrade anyway, so I've bought a beastly machine, I'd say. New computer day! smile.gif

i7 6700k @ 4.00Ghz
And so on...

I still have my PreSonus audio card, so I'll still be using that. The PC also uses half the power of my older one smile.gif

I also recently bought an FCB1010, which I've written about in other threads too.

EDIT: Deleted picture again, it wasn't very good. And not much point anyway. It's just a PC smile.gif
28 Dec 2016
I had completely forgotten about these bands untill I stumbled upon a thread I'd made on another forum.

Thought I'd share this gem with you, in the form of some (epic) doom metal.

I saw the singer in another band a few years back, sort of the same genre. That band is called Capilla Ardiente and is very good too! They certainly rocked live!

27 Dec 2016
I'm losing my mind here, as I can't make it work with anything. Nothing makes sense. I tried following an "idiot's guide", but I must be a super idiot, cause it made no sense to me.

Anyone able to help? I'm at square one and have only just got it hooked up to power, and with midi cables. But whatever I've tried from here is just...not working.

EDIT: I'm trying to make it work with BIAS. I can see in UNO Control Center that midi is being sent by the board, but when I try to make BIAS learn a midi function it says: "No midi signal received in 5 seconds".
14 Dec 2016
I still feel like this one is the best solo I've done here at GMC, and it's actually about 8+ years old now! It must have been around one of the first solos I did on here. Just relearned it, though it was always kinda stuck in my memory. Thought I'd share it with you, so here you go:

Actually not 8+ years old yet. Seems it's from the 17th of December. Timing! smile.gif;#entry304956
13 Dec 2016
So I've discussed this with Todd before, I've tried googling and even had contact with Akai support, but no luck.

The problem is that my Akai MPK88 loses connection after a while of no use. I can't say how long it is, but about 10-15 minutes, I'd say. Maybe a bit more.

It still remains on with all the lights, Reaper can still see it as a MIDI device in the settings, however does not recognize it as an input device on the track, even though it's enabled in settings.

I've tried running Midi OX to test the signal, though I don't know what exactly it means, however when I lose connection it shows some sort of message on Midi OX - I think it says something with memory, but it doesn't make much sense to me, since I have 12 GB of RAM. I'll have to check the message again and come back to you on that.

I can re-enable the keyboard either by restarting the computer, or sometimes if I'm lucky I can just unplug it and plug it in again after a while. Not while Reaper is open though - I will have to close that.

I've tried different USB cable, same thing happens.

This doesn't seem to happen with my Akai LPK25 with my laptop and Reaper.

Any suggestions?
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Awesome playing in the big Collab Dude!!!
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