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Full Version: Your Bb Minor Solo Lessons
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Coram Deo
Hey Muris, I am in the mood to learn new scales, I have started learning the minor harmonic scale and I was wondering if this is the same scale you use in your Bb minor solo lessons? I have been using a web site called and the scale you show looks very close but not exactly the same as the scale they show as the minor harmonic if it is not the same, which one do you use? Also, do you find harmonic minor scales to be usefull when playing the blues? I've got the pentatonic scales down and want to spice it up a bit. Thanks
Muris Varajic
Hi smile.gif

Scale I used is Bb natural minor,not harmonic minor,
harmonic minor has # 7th which isn't the case here.
Ohh,and harmonic minor surely ISN'T greatest solution for the blues. smile.gif
You should stick to minor pentatonic and blues scale
(same as minor pentatonic with chromatic note between 4th and 5th) to get bluesy sound.
Hope this helps,let me know if you need more info. smile.gif
Coram Deo
Cool, man that was a fast reply!! There are questions in other forums I posted over a week ago that still have not been answered, thanks for your promptness. And thanks for the info, I have found the natural minor scale and I'm learning it now instead of the harmonic. I like the harmonic scale it sounds middle eastern but its seems hard to play in western music but who knows maybe I should just get more creative. Thanks again.
Muris Varajic
You're welcome,glad you're into theory tho! smile.gif
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