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Hello again Pavel smile.gif

Alright, here's my question. I've been running into a bad habit of doing strict alternate picking with a few 3nps runs. After pausing for a moment, I noticed that half the run was actually in legato form

7 8h 9 or something similar

Would you say it is purely preference to the guitarist whether he or she strictly alternately picks these notes or is it actually faster to do say half pick, half legato?

Thank you and rock on biggrin.gif

Hey man!

What you do was Shawn Lane's favorite technique, don't know the exact name, but it's some sort of economy picking. I would suggest you practice exercises both ways: AP and this other style.

None of these can completely replace other technique so it's good to practice both smile.gif
I see biggrin.gif

I believe I also saw a lot of legato-type runs in Rusty Cooley's "Under the Influence" piece, which is what struck my curiosity

While it's on my mind, I had a question about a style that you used in your rhapsody of fire style lesson:

9 8
5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Crude example, I apologize laugh.gif

My problem is I always seem to run into a small but noticeable pause when I try to switch between the half power chords(root + 5th, qhich I'm probably going to search though the forum to find out what that means XD) and the single note alternate picking

I've sat at the computer for countless lengths of time trying to figure out your pick direction, but I keep getting lost XD

Suggestions? smile.gif
As long as i remember - i use 99,9% alternate picking there smile.gif

Half-powerchord is actually a really good name for root+5th biggrin.gif
I don't know how to help except for: slow down and play it slowly keeping track of your picking movements smile.gif
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