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Full Version: Soloing Question
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Hi Pavel how all is well. I have just a quick question. Not too long ago i believe i asked you how you did your soloing, you said you like to hear the solo before you play it. I quite like this sort of way as it seems to make sense to me. But being a not very experienced player i can't do this yet. I was wondering how i'd go about developing this or does it just come naturally over time?
I'm not sure about the answer. I remember that i really improved my soloing skills when i was digging Steve Vai's music. You can really improve by listening to other players soloing and trying to copy their style and signature licks. Later you build your own ideas and lick library and you can solo without thinking about it.

And you sure gain it with time smile.gif
Listen to a ton of different music. Every guitarist has a different solo style so the more you hear, the more you'll remember when you pick up the guitar.

Also, don't be afraid to let something sound too simple or like it doesn't have enough notes in it, that's totally fine!
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