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Full Version: My Sweep Picking Practice
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Hi Pavel, I've been practicing sweep picking for a week now, and I know it's VERY little time but if you could track my progress and give me your opinion it'd be great.

Can I upload a track every few weeks so you can listen to it?

I don't know, I think it helps me commit to practice if someone else notices my progress.

This is my first recording at 55 bpm 6 notes each beat. I feel I'm doing ok since a week ago was the first time I sweeped in my life. blink.gif


- Mario


Oh! I forgot to mention I'm sweeping with the bridge pickup. I figured if I can sweep cleanly with that one, then the neck pickup would be a lot easier. Do you think I should continue doing this?

Hey m8!

That's actually pretty pretty good! smile.gif And yes you sure can practice it with bridge pickup - i'm doing it myself for some time now smile.gif

I'm fine with watching your progress so feel free to uplaod your mp3 here smile.gif
Hi Pavel,

Ok, first of all I must confess I haven't been practicing for a couple of weeks now. School's been getting on the way...

The good news is, I think I actually got better!

I played the same sweep exercise and I could play it at 75 bpm 16th triplets from 55 bpm last time.

Any comments? I think I'm still playing it cleanly, maybe you'll differ.
It's pretty good man but you are totally missing the metronome beat. Try to follow the metronome while playing. As for the sweeps itself - they are pretty clean so i bet you'll soon be able to sweep really really good smile.gif Keep rocking!
Thanks Pavel! I'll practice a little bit more slowly so I can follow the beat.
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