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OK, got my new Ibanez guitar- check
Got my new Kustom Arrow 16DFX amp- check
Got nice GYC cable- check.

Plugged in amp, plugged guitar into amp- all lights and indicators operating as they should- yet the amp is not making a sound.

Am I making some gormless rookie mistake here (tried pretty much every permutation of the volume settings on both amp and guitar) or is there something amiss?

Feel free to point and stare- I just want to make some noise :-)
Is your headphones plugged into the amp?
QUOTE (kyldeee @ Jan 23 2008, 10:58 PM) *
Is your headphones plugged into the amp?

tried with them in and out- no difference :-(
happens all the time to me when i plug the cable in to the recording/out/headphones socket

instead of the input LOL
Bogdan Radovic
if you are sure that the cable is working , plug it in the input jack of the amp (make sure there is noting else plugged in like in the fx loop of the amp or headphones etc), turn the volume up and touch the other end of the cable with your finger (the tip of it) ...Electronic noise should come out the amp..Also check if electric connection (did you supply the right voltage etc)..
QUOTE (holoshreder @ Jan 23 2008, 07:08 PM) *
happens all the time to me when i plug the cable in to the recording/out/headphones socket

instead of the input LOL

Hahah i know what you mean
Muris Varajic
You wrote "check" after every piece of gear,hope that doesn't mean you checked it
cause how could you if it's not working. biggrin.gif

Ok,could be some tube out of socket.
I had similar issue when I got my Prophesy preamp.
Tube was out,probably cause of shipping and nasty guys at terminals dry.gif
So I plugged guitar,input indicator ok but no output.
I opened it and voila,tube was having a nice walk all over motherboard. wink.gif

Btw,is your amp a tube amp?
Ivan Milenkovic
See if you have moved all the pots form zero. On some amps (like Marshalls etc..) you have to move the bass and treble pots from zero in order to get the sound cause they mute the volume when on zero.
Also plug out the guitar and touch the cable with your finger, if you can hear buzzing when making a contact with a live wire, then its probably the guitar, if not, it is the amp. wink.gif
Just thought about something here; maybe there's something wrong with the input jack itself, or any wires or connectors in there so the input isn't connecting properly to the rest of the amp, so to speak.
But if I understood you correctly your amp is new, so that's probably not it.. Then again new things don't always work perfectly, unfortunately. smile.gif
thats what happened to me when i got my spider 3 ur gain and volume up on ur lead..did u plug the wire in to the guitar output?? blink.gif
Hisham Al-Sanea
if you cheked evry thing i see you have to chek out the speaker may it lost the treble coil
Check your guitar volume knob.

It has gotten me in the past...
I think it's definitely the amp- no buzz whatsoever when playing with it.

The power lead is plugged into a series of extension leads so I'm going to try it directly (more in desperation) but it looks like it's going back to the store.

This p*sses me off as they supplied the brand new amp (with some other gear) in another amp's box to fit everything in- so I have to find a way to return it safely and I have no documentation from the amp makers (Kustom)- all seems very unprofessional to me.

your guitar settings like volume maybe ? blink.gif
turns out the amp was knackered- brand new (properly packaged one) arrived today and sounds quality.

Thanks for all the advice people.
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