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Full Version: Strange Way To Find Bands
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Found this site where you put in an artist's name, press submit and it shows similar bands in a spider diagram with pictures. Good resource if not a little spooky.
I've seen things like this for internet radio. But not as a stand alone search. Nice tool to discover new bands. smile.gif Thanks
Paul Coutts
that's very cool, thanks a lot. I'm always on the look-out for new bands, and this is very helpful....albeit a little spooky biggrin.gif
What's strange is that a lot of the new bands that I've discovered are very closely linked.
Very cool! This may come in handy sometimes but I like word of mouth much better.
You use this site in addition to metal-archives and myspace and you can't go wrong smile.gif
haha thats what I'm planning to do when I get downstairs to my music computer.
There are even links directly from this site. This is great
There's also where it finds you songs that match keys, tonality, and overall mood... Check it out...
I know I was a member until they stopped Canadians from listening due to copyright problems. sad.gif
Another website such as this is, you download a plugin for your media player and it calculates from what youve been listening, bands to recommend to you smile.gif

Sometimes it does get it wrong though; once i listened to Dream Theater around 450 times in a week

I was recommended...
My Chemical Romance
Nicholo Paganini (Baroque Violinist)

cool web site!

I know tongue.gif the recomendations can be pretty wierd.. I listen to mostly rock and metal, and then since I listen to rage against the machine, I got all this crappy gangster rap in my recomendations laugh.gif

btw, you a 4chan-fan Melvyn? tongue.gif
QUOTE (erik @ Jan 30 2008, 05:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
btw, you a 4chan-fan Melvyn? tongue.gif

Haha unfortunately tongue.gif It is my downfall
4chan is every body's downfall. Its not as bad as 7chan though. happy.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Awesome link! I'm using it now. Thank you! smile.gif

Thats really cool !! usefull smile.gif thanks
Great little app, fun and usefull.
Thanks for the heads up. smile.gif
Love it!Thanks.
Wow! That is cool!
This is something that I can really use.

I've seen things kind of like this for internet radio, like Pandora or Last, but this is something really unique.

I really loved, but sadly they no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S.

Great site to discover new music, it was!
Juan M. Valero
Ineresting lick, I think there is an endless information tongue.gif
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