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Full Version: Harmonics
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Hello Marcus!

A little off topic for a moment, I listened to the full version of Winding Roads. Simply amazing!

But on to the matter at hand smile.gif

Pinch Harmonics are officially kicking my butt! I'm not really sure how to approach them, I've tried almost every suggested picking style to tackle these kinds of harmonics, but nothing seems to work!

I hold the pick as close to the tip as I can while still being able to do alternate picking

I'm just lost, any suggestions? smile.gif

Natural Harmonics I understand, it's the pinch (or artificial I think is another name) harmonics I dont get

Marcus Lavendell
Hi Matt, and thanks for your comment about Winding Roads! smile.gif

Hm... difficult to say what's wrong when I can't see/hear you. But the problem might be that you pick the string at the wrong place? so even if your technique is good, you won't be able to make those harmonics simple because you're not picking the string at the right place.

Pavel has an excellent lesson about this, and if I remember correctly he explains very detailed where the right places are. Artificial and Natural Harmonics

Hope this helps! smile.gif
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