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Full Version: Marshall 9200
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Hi Juan!

Can you tell me alittle about your Marshall 9200? I've looked at your video and the sound is astonishing really.
But what strikes me with old Marshalls is that they come to life only when the osund is loud. How is it with the 9200, does it sound good on low volumes?
Can you tell if it has Marshall charateristic sound... should be more bottom end with 5881 tubes in it. Right?

Do you think $600 is too much to pay?
Juan M. Valero
well, I think 600$ is a really good price. When I buy it I paid 500 € (yes, euros) and the original price is over 1200 euros (I think, I cannot remember exactly what was).
IMO is great, specially if you use another Marshall as a Preamp. And I'm gonna explain one trick when you play not-too-high. If you want to got all the power of this poweramp yo can put the 9200 volume as high as you need and turn down the volumen of your preamp. Somebody tell me that it's not too good for the 9200 but it works really good, so I use this values:

PREAMP: 1-2 (max10)
MARSHALL 9200: 7-9 (max 10)

of course you would need good cables wink.gif

Of course this trick works with another poweramps (I guess... laugh.gif)
I should of mentioned the price in Euros too, since I'm in europe mellow.gif
420 Euro but it needs new tubes so there's that extra cost wit it.

Thanks for the reply!
Juan M. Valero
mmm I don't know what's the tubes price... I was serching for this poweramp and the best price that I find was around 750 euros, so if the tubes are not too expensive it would be a great idea to buy it... 9200 is a good tool but it's not cheap tongue.gif
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