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Full Version: Lesson Request
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Hey Pavel, first off i want to tell you that all your lessons are brilliant and fun to learn and play... Ive learned alot from your lessons and i really appreciate you sharing your secrets with us...

I was wondering if you would consider making some lessons on all the scales like you did with the Ionian scale speedpicking lesson... Maybe different scales with different patterns in them.. Its a great help learning to move from box to box in this lesson.. I read that youre busy with school, but it would be appreciated if you would consider this.. wink.gif


Well, minor scale boxes are the same as major scale boxes, and if you ask me about harmonic minor scale boxes, phrygian and similar stuff - that could take me hours of "figuring out" because i don't learn that stuff - as i said before all over the forum - i play by ear smile.gif

I have a cool lesson coming up soon with AP and sweeping in harmonic minor scale so be on a lookout for that one smile.gif
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