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Hey Luciana, practicing your lessons, I have learned to sing on key much better, but I (and all my friends) think that my voice does not sound right for singing. Is there anyway I can change the sound of my voice? huh.gif And if so, how? Many thanks smile.gif
Luciana Segovia

change the sound of your voice??? blink.gif Why!??????????
your voice doesn't sound right?? what does it mean??

Sorry...I can't understand your question...
I mean like the tone sort of. Just for singing. I can sing on key but the tone doesn't sound right for alot of songs sad.gif Can this be fixed or should I just learn to like it? smile.gif
Luciana Segovia
I think this will help:

"I have a question about this to Luiciana and everybody else who feel they want to answer. I understand that everybody who isn't tone deaf (something I've realised that I'm not, to my great surprise) can learn to hit the notes, but that doesn't make it sound good. My question is, can someone with a voice that just sounds bad learn to make it sound good when singing? I've been thinking a lot about this lately and wondering if it's even worth to try to practice. (Allthough I've realised I could keep on practicing singing just for fun even if I never got anywhere..) "

Good question...

My answer is : Yes!

When you are studying singing you are not only learning to sing on pitch. This is an important thing, but not the only one.
To sound good is like studying the "quality" of your voice (another important thing). This issue is about how much air are you using with the vocal cords. How the vibration of them is. When the vocal cords are vibrating wrong cause the air is not enough or too much, the sound of the voice is clearly bad and you can feel it too. So if you think that you have a bad sound is because of that. To train and control breathing is the answer. And then singing scales for the sound.

to Stevie·Ray·Vaughn: This is what you mean?

Yes, thats what I meant smile.gif Sorry if I didn't explain it very well sad.gif Thanks for the answer smile.gif
Luciana Segovia
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