11:06:20 Muris: anyone??
11:09:27 Siggum: hey!
11:09:33 Muris: hey there!
11:09:37 Muris: how's it going?
11:09:48 Siggum: fine fine, u?
11:09:52 Muris: fine
11:09:59 Muris: was doing som for few hours
11:10:07 Siggum: doing what?
11:10:08 Muris: needed a break
11:10:09 Angelica: Hi there!
11:10:12 Muris: many thing
11:10:13 Siggum: hi Angelica
11:10:20 Muris: hi Angelica
11:10:39 Angelica: how you gonig?biggrin.gif
11:10:49 Siggum: im slowly getting used to alternate picking.. its rly hard when used to using my fingers..
11:10:52 Muris: all fine smile.gif .You?
11:11:19 Muris: ahh,you prefer Knopler stuff and such?
11:11:22 Angelica: i was making some hard rock rythm exercices
11:11:36 Angelica: but the sound's weird...bad efects
11:11:38 Muris: that's cool wink.gif
11:12:04 Siggum: i just never learned it that way, yeah i like that stuff.. but after awhile now i can rly see its alot better for faster stuff smile.gif
11:12:08 Muris: i can give you some rhythm exercises
11:12:16 Muris: just remind me to make a lesson wink.gif
11:12:20 Angelica: oh thank you
11:12:29 Angelica: wink.gif
11:12:39 Siggum: so your enjoying the site angelica?
11:12:43 Muris: you're most welcome smile.gif
11:12:55 Angelica: yeah very much
11:13:07 Angelica: there're so many different styles
11:13:13 Siggum: yeah
11:13:16 Muris: how old are you Angelica?
11:13:21 Angelica: 26
11:13:22 Siggum: id love to see muris do some more acoustic lessons tho tongue.gif
11:13:26 Muris: if that's not wrong question to ask
11:13:34 Muris: ok,thanks smile.gif
11:13:36 Muris: hey!!
11:13:38 Angelica: you guys?
11:13:43 Siggum: im 28
11:13:51 Muris: I am preparing some new acoustic stuff
11:13:55 Muris: incl pick tho
11:14:00 Muris: but acoustic,yeah
11:14:03 Siggum: nice
11:14:05 Muris: 28
11:14:39 Angelica: i have to buy a new effect...
11:14:50 Muris: I have a statment to make biggrin.gif
11:15:07 Siggum: go go
11:15:15 Muris: you're from Italy,right?
11:15:22 Angelica: yeah
11:15:26 Muris: wel..
11:15:36 Muris: we had a high school trip to Italy
11:15:39 axelsson: Hello guys!
11:15:40 Muris: somewhere in 98
11:15:52 Angelica: hello axel hello mattacuk
11:15:53 mattacuk: hey dudes biggrin.gif
11:15:57 Muris: got drunk like never before LOL
11:15:59 Siggum: hi guys
11:16:00 mattacuk: hello Angelica !
11:16:02 Angelica: ahahahahah
11:16:04 Muris: hey Matt!!
11:16:11 Angelica: where exactly?
11:16:12 Muris: Happy B-Day
11:16:15 Muris: for 3rd time
11:16:16 Muris: biggrin.gif
11:16:21 mattacuk: haha thanks again
11:16:23 Siggum: i love italy, alot of my family lived there for a long time smile.gif
11:16:25 axelsson: yeah, congratiulations!
11:16:25 Muris: ahh
11:16:30 mattacuk: im putting on a paul gilbert dvd to celebrate!
11:16:31 Angelica: hey is it your birthday???
11:16:33 Muris: near Venezia
11:16:35 mattacuk: it is smile.gif
11:16:36 Muris: Sole di
11:16:37 Muris: ...
11:16:41 Siggum: grats then
11:16:41 Angelica: congratulations!!
11:16:47 Siggum: how young?
11:16:47 mattacuk: why thank!
11:16:49 axelsson: that's sweet, i love paul gilbert!
11:16:52 Wallimann: Hi folks!
11:16:53 mattacuk: 27 today
11:17:00 axelsson: have you listened anything to his new album?
11:17:01 Angelica: sole di....mmm i can't remember
11:17:08 Muris: David,hi! biggrin.gif
11:17:14 Wallimann: Hey bro!
11:17:19 Wallimann: How's everyone today?
11:17:21 Angelica: hi wallimann
11:17:26 Muris: all good
11:17:29 axelsson: Hi wallimann
11:17:31 mattacuk: sadly i dont have hi new album yet
11:17:39 axelsson: ah okey
11:17:45 mattacuk: soon !
11:17:53 axelsson: perhaps you have listened to them on youtube??
11:18:13 axelsson: not the best quality though but it works
11:18:14 mattacuk: not yet, i just watch the dvds mainly biggrin.gif
11:18:22 axelsson: okay biggrin.gif
11:18:27 axelsson: what dvd is it?
11:18:30 mattacuk: its pretty interesting
11:18:33 Muris: that's what I call The Fan biggrin.gif
11:18:39 mattacuk: Space Ship One
11:18:41 Siggum: hey smells!
11:18:45 axelsson: okey =)
11:18:52 Muris: hey Chris
11:18:53 mattacuk: pauls so awsome hehe
11:18:58 Smells: well hellooooo there
11:19:06 Angelica: hello smells
11:19:07 Muris: hellooooooooo wink.gif
11:19:22 Wallimann: Hi Smells!
11:19:23 axelsson: Hey Muris, how is it going with your decision about the winner fo your contest ? smile.gif
11:19:26 Siggum: Virtual band thingy starting to grow
11:19:30 Smells: heheh at work atm so just thought I`d pop in and say hi
11:19:31 Muris: Dave,love your latest lesson,cool trick smile.gif
11:19:36 mattacuk: hey smells, david !
11:19:47 Muris: ahh that one,must listen to all takes bit closer
11:19:54 axelsson: hehe yeh, paul if friggin great
11:19:56 Muris: too many,it'll hard one
11:20:07 Muris: to decide
11:20:13 axelsson: okey smile.gif
11:20:13 Angelica: so guys where u from?
11:20:18 Siggum: make one of each then lol biggrin.gif
11:20:19 Wallimann: Thanks Muris
11:20:28 Muris: lol
11:20:29 mattacuk: i am from England, Somerset smile.gif
11:20:32 Mark.: Sup everyone ? First time I see people talking in char laugh.gif
11:20:35 Muris: sure,I was thinking of that
11:20:47 Muris: you're welcome bro,good job on it!
11:20:50 axelsson: I thought it was a great concept...really inspiring for members to get a chance to have their own work out as lessons
11:20:55 Wallimann: Muris, I've been stealing some of your fusion licks lately..
11:20:56 Smells: UK here too Ange
11:20:59 Wallimann: Great stuff mate
11:21:01 mattacuk: "interacccction babyyyyy" love this song
11:21:08 Angelica: 'm from Mialn, Italy
11:21:11 Wallimann: I livein the USA
11:21:12 Muris: licks are there to be stoled wink.gif
11:21:16 axelsson: I'm from Sweden
11:21:18 Wallimann: yeah man
11:21:18 Angelica: milano sorry
11:21:19 Wallimann: haha
11:21:21 Muris: stolen*
11:21:27 Muris: be my guest
11:21:34 Mark.: Im from Holland:o
11:21:35 Siggum: lol
11:21:35 Muris: I already took dozen of yours
11:21:36 Muris: lol
11:21:41 Smells: I`m a claptomaniac when it comes to Mr Wallimans and Muris`s licks
11:21:51 mattacuk: i have an Italian last name
11:21:52 Angelica: eheheh
11:22:03 Wallimann: haha
11:22:07 mattacuk: it is "Tacchi" smile.gif
11:22:12 Muris: I'm from Bosnia...but who cares anyhow LOL
11:22:15 Angelica: Ah!
11:22:21 Angelica: which means "heels"
11:22:25 mattacuk: I do Muris
11:22:26 Wallimann: I've been working on some Guthrie Govan licks lately
11:22:31 Wallimann: I love his stuff sooo much!
11:22:33 mattacuk: wink.gif
11:22:35 Muris: ahh GG is the monster
11:22:35 Angelica: i do as well muris :-D
11:22:44 axelsson: It's great with girls in the community! so few here on GMC
11:22:48 Mark.: Muris did you every listen to Andy Mckee? He's a really cool classical gutarist
11:22:52 mattacuk: Angelica ah yes, i am womens shoes haha
11:22:55 Muris: thanks guys ,was joking a little biggrin.gif
11:22:57 Angelica: few but good!
11:23:01 axelsson: hehe tongue.gif
11:23:05 Angelica: ehehhe
11:23:06 Muris: sure I have Mark
11:23:11 Angelica: so ou have italian origins
11:23:16 axelsson: so, Angelica what kind of stuff do you play?
11:23:19 mattacuk: i do yes ! biggrin.gif
11:23:21 Muris: it's just that I'm still searching for the right steel acoustic guitar
11:23:32 Muris: but Andy is awesome,no doubt there smile.gif
11:23:34 Mark.: Do you have any tips on how to learn playing his style ?
11:23:36 Siggum: have u tried the stonebrigde guitars?
11:23:38 axelsson: dude, I reccomend an Ovation smile.gif
11:23:51 Muris: ahh,don't like Ovation sad.gif
11:23:55 Muris: too rounded
11:23:57 Angelica: ohh well i love classic hard rock...as ac/dc, van halen, judas priest,
11:23:58 axelsson: nah, why is that?
11:23:59 Siggum: i c
11:24:02 Muris: it runs away from me LOL
11:24:04 Angelica: but i love all music...
11:24:06 Siggum: hehe
11:24:07 Wallimann: Pavel! Hi man1
11:24:11 axelsson: haha okay I get it tongue.gif
11:24:17 Smells: hi de hi Pavel
11:24:21 Muris: hi Pavel
11:24:25 mattacuk: hi pavel biggrin.gif
11:24:26 Angelica: now i'm practicing some "hard rock rhythm" and funky rhytm....
11:24:26 axelsson: hi pavel
11:24:32 axelsson: okey smile.gif
11:24:39 Pavel: Hey there people!!!
11:24:42 Mark.: Hey pavel
11:24:52 Siggum: i gotta admit i dig Antoine Dufour's style a bit more, he plays cleaner with some nice use of harmonics
11:24:54 Wallimann: Hi man
11:25:11 Muris: those are almost the same styles I would same
11:25:14 Muris: tunes are diferent
11:25:19 Muris: but basic is the same
11:25:22 Muris: wink.gif
11:25:25 Siggum: its the same kind of music yeah, but
11:25:41 Siggum: stil very differnet i think, ive listened to almost everything from them tongue.gif
11:25:44 Angelica: hi pavel
11:25:49 mattacuk: Muris im really enjoying that alternte picking one lesson
11:25:54 Angelica: i don't know those guitarists
11:26:08 Muris: well if you go into deteils,it's surelly not identical,absolutely smile.gif
11:26:09 Smells: right lovely people gotta shoot. got some work to do b4 I go home sad.gif catch ya all later *waves*
11:26:12 Angelica: can anyone link them? wink.gif
11:26:14 mattacuk: my picking has really come on leaps and bounds after practicing the stamina one for montgs on end
11:26:16 Muris: thanks Matt smile.gif
11:26:23 Siggum: haha.. well yeah anyway smile.gif
11:26:35 Angelica: all right smells take care;)
11:26:47 Muris: later mate wink.gif
11:26:52 Mark.: BB
11:26:52 axelsson: hey, Matt...have you watched the clip when Paul Gilbert and John Paul Jones plays the song Going to California? It goddam awesome
11:26:54 mattacuk: cheers!
11:27:05 mattacuk: axelsson im not sure smile.gif
11:27:13 axelsson: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...mp;search_type=
11:27:15 Tuubsu: links to that vid plz!
11:27:17 mattacuk: thankyou!
11:27:20 Mark.: Anyone ever seen Joe Satraini live?
11:27:22 Tuubsu: thank
11:27:22 axelsson: no probs
11:27:24 Wallimann: Well guys, I should be serious and get back to the lesson preps...
11:27:31 Mark.: Gonna see him in may ohmy.gif
11:27:35 Muris: ahh
11:27:37 Pavel: axelsson saw him twice smile.gif
11:27:39 Muris: stay for a while bro
11:27:48 Mark.: How are his shows?
11:27:48 axelsson: Neat biggrin.gif
11:27:49 Muris: we haven't talk for a long time
11:27:51 Angelica: never
11:27:55 Iluha: hey guys,
11:27:56 Pavel: Mark. <p><p>sorry - wrong click - Mark: saw him twice
11:28:02 Siggum: hi iluha
11:28:05 Angelica: hi iluha
11:28:11 Pavel: in Slovenia with G3 and in my city on his own smile.gif
11:28:12 Muris: hi there wink.gif
11:28:18 Wallimann: Ok.. I'm easily convinced. :-)
11:28:19 Mark.: cool
11:28:24 Muris: great smile.gif
11:28:27 Mark.: Cant wait till its may tongue.gif
11:28:33 Muris: hey,how is the new album going??
11:28:34 Angelica: i'm gonna see george lynch on 10th...
11:28:36 axelsson: hey Mark...is it in Sweden that you will see him?
11:28:38 Wallimann: I'm usually trying to wrap up as many as Ican at the end of the month..
11:28:43 Mark.: No in Holland
11:28:45 Angelica: has anyone seen him live?
11:28:47 Wallimann: I should do more at the ggining
11:28:47 axelsson: okay
11:28:53 Pavel: Mark. the bad thing about his shows is - it always starts amazing, with great sound quality, but later the sound engenieer keeps rising the PA volume..
11:28:59 Iluha: i wanna see satch live too sad.gif
11:29:00 axelsson: cuz Satriani is coming to the Sweden Rock Festival
11:29:01 Pavel: in the end you get a mess and can't hear a thing
11:29:05 Muris: ahh
11:29:12 axelsson: Judas Priest is coming as well
11:29:15 Muris: impossible to track conversation atm LOL
11:29:19 Mark.: lolz
11:29:19 Siggum: lol
11:29:23 Pavel: Muris Agreed
11:29:24 Siggum: never seen so many ppl oinj the chat
11:29:30 Angelica: ehehhe
11:29:37 Wallimann: hehe! Muris started it...
11:29:43 axelsson: heeh
11:29:48 Iluha: there was a time we hit the chat member limit tongue.gif
11:29:50 mattacuk: so who here is working really hard at practicing at the moment ? biggrin.gif
11:29:51 Tuubsu: AAAAAAHHHHH! TOO many people I cant keep up!!!
11:29:52 Siggum: the muris effect!
11:30:01 Muris: next time I'm goona use my ninja powers and sneak quietly LOL
11:30:11 axelsson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLU08nOtUkc that was the link I was supposed to post
11:30:20 Mark.: Im practicing muris's extreme neo-classic and its killing me xD
11:30:22 Iluha: im practicing my intervals by typing with one hand only wink.gif
11:30:32 Siggum: lol
11:30:33 Muris: you do?? awesome! post take!!
11:30:38 Angelica: damn doesn't work!
11:30:42 axelsson: same here, your extreme neo-classic was awesome Muris
11:30:44 Mark.: Maby in a week or so tongue.gif
11:30:47 Angelica: i can't click the link
11:30:53 Muris: take your time
11:30:57 Muris: no rush
11:30:57 mattacuk: im practicing uber hard at many techniques biggrin.gif
11:31:05 axelsson: yeah, I'll post a take to in a while
11:31:07 mattacuk: long hours really pay off !
11:31:26 Mark.: After the diminshed sweep part coms the AP part which starts with an Upstroke..
11:31:31 Pavel: mattacuk do they? wink.gif
11:31:34 Angelica: muris so it's a promise you're gonna post some hard rock rhythms ?
11:31:40 Mark.: So now im practicing evertyhing starting with an up tongue.gif
11:31:42 Iluha: I started practicing Wallimann's Extended Pentatonics lesson today
11:31:47 Muris: sure,if you want me to biggrin.gif
11:31:48 Angelica: biggrin.gif
11:31:50 mattacuk: Pavel haha, you should know man biggrin.gif
11:31:52 Iluha: and im finally learning to play Always with me Always with you tongue.gif
11:32:00 Angelica: ok i'm looking forward to them!
11:32:04 Wallimann: awesome!
11:32:13 Angelica: wink.gif
11:32:28 Muris: Mark,about that part
11:32:38 Muris: you can start it with downstroke
11:32:41 mattacuk: this is a beautiful track
11:32:42 Muris: if you get a time
11:32:47 Pavel: For those who like metal and power metal in particular: there are 2 new lessons from me ready to launch so they should be up any day now smile.gif
11:32:49 Muris: I sometimes do
11:32:52 Muris: depends
11:32:53 Iluha: Going To California is such a great song..
11:32:59 Wallimann: awesome Pavel
11:33:06 axelsson: Muris if ya had to pick one favorite guitarist, who would that be?
11:33:08 Tuubsu: great pavel
11:33:09 mattacuk: im ssure those will be fantastic !
11:33:14 Mark.: I think its much harder to start it with a down if you play it fast
11:33:16 mattacuk: axelsson i can guess
11:33:18 mattacuk: haha
11:33:32 axelsson: hehe okay tongue.gif
11:33:38 Muris: dont ask that,wouldn't be fair to name just one smile.gif
11:33:41 Iluha: be right back
11:33:50 axelsson: but if ya had to tongue.gif
11:33:56 Mark.: and John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert also said it"s important to learn thing with an up tongue.gif
11:34:06 Muris: but do I have to?? LOL
11:34:12 Wallimann: haha
11:34:14 axelsson: lets pretend tongue.gif
11:34:16 Wallimann: too many to name!
11:34:22 Tuubsu: lets say someone is pointting a gun on your head muris
11:34:22 Muris: how?? LOL
11:34:28 Muris: ahh I see
11:34:30 Muris: well
11:34:32 Muris: hmmm
11:34:34 Muris: ahhhh
11:34:36 Muris: mmmmm
11:34:38 Siggum: the music police..yeah
11:34:42 Angelica: ahahahah
11:34:42 mattacuk: ohhh
11:34:43 Muris: hmmm
11:34:46 Mark.: lol
11:34:46 Muris: mmmm
11:34:51 Angelica: which sounds are they?
11:34:52 Muris: ahhhhh
11:34:57 Muris: kill me!! LOL
11:35:04 Siggum: lol
11:35:05 Tuubsu: BOOM!!!!!!
11:35:12 Mark.: And then steal your guitar ohmy.gif
11:35:13 Tuubsu: didi I hit
11:35:15 Angelica: gosh!
11:35:19 Tuubsu: ?
11:35:26 axelsson: .
11:35:26 Muris: really impossible to chose
11:35:28 Angelica: biggrin.gif
11:35:32 Pavel: Haha what a chat mess!!!!! The chat log will be amazing hahahaha
11:35:32 Muris: I love too many players
11:36:00 Angelica: hi botoxfo
11:36:03 mattacuk: i try to like more players, but i just go back to the few small few sooner or later smile.gif
11:36:06 Muris: hi there
11:36:07 Mark.: Then just choice the guy you dream off playing like when you started guitar lol
11:36:09 mattacuk: botox my man!
11:36:09 axelsson: okay tongue.gif
11:36:12 axelsson: fair enough
11:36:13 botoxfox: hello ppl
11:36:33 Muris: ahh that would be Kirk Hammet
11:36:38 Muris: but that was loooong ago LOL
11:36:41 Mark.: lol
11:36:43 Pavel: Muris You too?? hahahaha
11:36:53 Muris: surewho didn't\???
11:36:55 Muris: LOL
11:36:55 Mark.: For me it would be Neil Young O.o
11:36:56 Pavel: Way my fist influence also!
11:37:03 Siggum: first song ever learned and completed?
11:37:11 Muris: can't recall
11:37:14 Mark.: Rocking in the free world !
11:37:16 Muris: I was doing it in pieces
11:37:17 Muris: LOL
11:37:20 Pavel: That will ahve to be some Green Day stuff hehe
11:37:29 axelsson: hehe tongue.gif
11:37:34 Angelica: yeah green day stuff hehe me too!
11:37:37 Muris: hmm
11:37:41 mattacuk: you like green day pavel? haha!
11:37:45 Muris: might be Sultans of Swing
11:37:48 Pavel: Can't stand it any more hahahahaha
11:37:50 axelsson: I might have to say the James Bond Theme song xD
11:37:51 Muris: my old time fav
11:37:52 Angelica: when i was 16
11:38:02 mattacuk: biggrin.gif
11:38:05 Angelica: i bought a kind of music book from dookie
11:38:09 mattacuk: brian may was my first favorite
11:38:22 Siggum: i think mine was losin my religion with rem
11:38:33 Tuubsu: Stairway to heaven here
11:38:34 Angelica: neither i don't listen anymore to them
11:38:35 Siggum: ages ago ofc
11:38:36 axelsson: speaking of Brian May http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs87GuoOvYo
11:38:39 axelsson: awesome
11:38:50 mattacuk: yeah this video is stunning
11:38:55 Wallimann: Sorry guys, I'm doing 3 things at the same time.. I should go.
11:38:59 Wallimann: But we'll talk soon!
11:39:05 axelsson: c ya
11:39:05 Mark.: Bye bye ohmy.gif
11:39:11 Angelica: c u wally
11:39:11 Tuubsu: bye
11:39:14 Siggum: cu around walli
11:39:24 Pavel: See you David!
11:39:34 mattacuk: i must go too guys
11:39:38 mattacuk: see you all soon!
11:39:48 mattacuk: cheers1
11:40:22 axelsson: c ya
11:40:48 Muris: Pval,how's it going at UNI?
11:40:58 Mark.: And then Silence Followed by a Defning Rowr
11:40:59 Muris: Pavel*
11:41:27 Muris: fine crowd still stands proud biggrin.gif
11:41:29 Siggum: anyone knows tommy emmanuel?
11:41:39 Mark.: Ya He's great ohmy.gif
11:41:45 Muris: sure smile.gif
11:41:53 Siggum: hes playing like 5 mins walk from me 29 marts,. gonna check it out
11:41:54 Muris: not in person tho LOL
11:42:16 Pavel: Muris it's ok, have 5 more exams and than a degree work to finish....
11:42:27 Angelica: well guys gotta go
11:42:33 Angelica: is anyone there later?
11:42:33 Muris: final year..great smile.gif
11:42:37 axelsson: anyone heard The Hunt, By Tommy Emmanuel?
11:42:48 Siggum: yeah heard it, its great..
11:42:50 Mark.: Anyone one knows Pavel Denisjuk ? And when does he gonna release his next great album?
11:42:51 Muris: haven't listed to him that much
11:42:55 Muris: dunno names of the tunes
11:42:56 axelsson: yeah it surely is
11:42:57 Siggum: he played alot nice stuff tbh
11:43:16 axelsson: Muris want me to link it?
11:43:18 Angelica: cu around! bye!
11:43:21 Siggum: see you later Angleica
11:43:23 Pavel: Mark. hahahahaha good joke...first i need to master at least 1 songs of my own hahaha
11:43:34 Mark.: I really love that guys style ohmy.gif
11:43:50 Muris: not now axelsson,I'm uploading and dowloading atm
11:43:53 Muris: it'll stuck
11:44:02 Mark.: Darn got to eat
11:44:07 Mark.: cya later !
11:44:11 Siggum: cya
11:44:15 Muris: bon apetite wink.gif
11:44:19 axelsson: okay
11:44:20 Mark.: ty tongue.gif
11:44:44 Pavel: K guys! i'll go also - walk my dog while there's still light outside
11:44:58 Pavel: have fun! See you later!
11:44:58 Muris: ok,see ya smile.gif
11:45:10 Muris: I'll have to pass as well
11:45:16 Muris: sound check in an hour
11:45:22 Siggum: yeah, same.. nice chatting
11:45:23 Muris: must dress some nice shirt biggrin.gif
11:45:27 axelsson: c ya Muris
11:45:29 Siggum: see u around guys!
11:45:36 Muris: see ya guys! smile.gif
11:45:38 Muris: later
11:45:38 axelsson: good luck with that soundcheck!
11:45:44 Muris: thanks man smile.gif
11:45:45 Muris: bye
11:45:48 axelsson: bye
22:22:00 ibanezkiller: Metallica!
22:22:19 ibanezkiller: *whip*
22:37:21 lachi: hey wats up