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Full Version: Rack Con Pre Y Amp O Cabezal?
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Hola Juan!
Queria preguntarte que te parece mejor y porque... un rack con preamp y amplificador o un cabezal??
Tengo en la cabeza 1ro vender mi pedalera multiefecto para comprarme un procesador multiefecto en formato rack

I´ll try to translate my doubt, so you guys can tell me what you think....
A rack with a preamp and an amp or a head with boxes?? (Or something like that...hehehe)
Juan M. Valero
mmm antes de nada no te vendas nada !!!! sobretodo si la pedalera tiene entrada MIDI ya que en caso de decidirte por el rack necesitaras una para cambiar los presets, y si ya la tienes todo eso que te ahorras...

Bueno, a ver, todo depende de lo que busques, si eres de los que apenas usa un par de efectos pues un cabezal ya te va bien, si eres de los mios y te gusta usar mil efectos, pues el rack es lo más practico biggrin.gif eso si piensa que vas a necesitar una etapa de potencia y un previo de distorsion, ademas de los efectos que quieras añadir...

Como lo ves ??? ¿¿ que eres de usar muchos efectos o pocos ??
Kristofer Dahl
I don't understand your reply Juan! sad.gif
Something about MIDI lol biggrin.gif
Juan M. Valero
Ouch, sorry, I forgot it wasn't a PM... sad.gif

here is the translation:
wait before doing anything !! If you decided to take a rack you would need a MIDI foot-controler so if your pedal has a MIDI control you can use this pedal as a MIDI controler biggrin.gif

Well, your decsion would be different if you only uses few effects or if you are like me and you love effects, in this case it would be more interesting getting a preamp + poweramp racks and maybe another effect's rack. If you don't use effects a head would be nice for you smile.gif

So do you like to use tones of effects ??

PS: wow it's more difficult to translate from an Spanish text than writing directly in English laugh.gif
Muris Varajic
QUOTE (OrganisedConfusion @ Mar 6 2008, 03:40 PM) *
Something about MIDI lol biggrin.gif

Well, you are the official translator Juan!!! laugh.gif

Te comento Juan. Mi idea es de a poco ir cambiando mi equipamiento.
Yo tengo una pedalera Korg (No tiene entrada MIDI) y un pedal de distorcion.
Me gustaria empezar a armarme un rack (repito, de a poco no tengo apuro)
Aparte, lo primero q compraria seria un multiefecto...ya que si compro un pre o un
amp no podria usarlo, en cambio la multiefecto la puedo usar con mi amplificador

En cuanto a los efectos...actualmente no uso demasiados pero me gustan...hoy uso Chorus,
Reverb, Delay, algo de Flanger... o sea q si o si preciso una pedalera o un rack multiefecto!

Ahora, si ya sabemos q uso efectos... q convendria un cabezal y sus respectivas cajas y una pedalera
(vale la pena armarse un rack solo para poner procesadores de efectos?), o un cabezal con un rack
para los efectoso o un rack completito con efectos, pre y amp?

Espero no haberte mareado!!! jaja! vos q usas en ensayos o en vivo??

Juan M. Valero
Ok, I'm gonna continue in English because some people could help you wink.gif

ok, you want to change your gear but you want to change first one thing an then another one, so IMHO the most important is to visualize what you want. Well, I must say that is you've got a head is posible to use it as a Poweramp, so you can buy a Preamp conected to your head (that's what I did before having my poweramp biggrin.gif). well, consider also buying a multiefect+preamp. I have the Rocktron Chameleon and it has a excelent tone... I bought it for 375€ (second hand) and I think new it would cost around 700€ , it's a great option, it has an excelent metal tone and its easy to use.
You can also cosider buying a cheap power amp... the same Rocktron has the velocity (264 €) I found it by 100€ second hand, and it's a good purchase, I may bought it 'cos when you have a better poweramp it would be great to have a second one (you could have technical problems tongue.gif)...

the question would be how much money do you want to spend ???
Well, i´ll try to write in English….hehehe

It’s a bit difficult now… I don’t know what to do… maybe i´ll sell all my things and start play piano tongue.gif

I can sell my Metal Zone (U$S 66), my multieffect Korg (U$S 115) and my amp 40w made In Argentina (U$S 100)….i cannot say how much i´ll spend…because I don’t have save money… i´ll save and I can use credit cards…but, little by little….im not hurry

I was thinking…I need a good amp or head and a good multieffect… I saw this Zoom G7.1ut…
it has MIDI, USB, and has a VALVE. Maybe if it has a Valve, the distortion is cool and I can change the Metal Zone distortion´s for this Zoom.
So, if I buy this thing. I need to sell my korg and my MT2…I will have U$S 181, this Zoom costs U$S 433.

Or….i can sell all my things and search for a new amp….a valvular one!!!!!!
But, it’s a lot of money…..a “combo” (I don’t if in English you call combo), for example a Laney of 65w with a ECC83 pre valve costs U$S 526, I don’t if its good, a Laney of 120w with a ECC83 pre valve costs U$S 633 (drivers Celestion 2x12) biggrin.gif
a stack made in Argentina “Wenstone” 120w costs U$S 550, I think its better the Laney!!!!

Well, I don’t know…is it better to choose an amp o the multieffect? while I can play with the Guitar Rig on my pc!! Hehe

Thanks Juan!!!

PS: I saw yesterday on TV the incident of ETA…what a s***!!!!!! (Edited for language - Tony)

EDIT: I know i was wondering if its better a rack or a stack...but i was thinking and its a lot of money and im not
living of the music...if one day im lucky and im a pro musician...i´ll go for the rack!! biggrin.gif
Juan M. Valero
mmm a pedal with a valve... sounds interesting biggrin.gif
it's a difficult question, but I try to search second hand gear, you can find really fine pedals and with low cost. I recomend it if you want to buy somenthing good and you don't have too much money... I bought almost all my gear by second hand smile.gif
Well, i can buy this Zoom with a Valve and I can use it with my actual amp or my pc.
But I guess, that first, is more important a good amplifier than a good multieffect... i dont know!!

Do you like Laney??

I recomend it if you want to buy somenthing good and you don't have too much money... I bought almost all my gear by second hand smile.gif

Well, i bought my guitar by second hand....and the guitar is almost new! You can get excellent things
But its hard to buy with credit cards by second hand... sad.gif
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