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Full Version: Happy 8th March!
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Muris Varajic
To all girls and ladies in our community,happy 8th March,woman's day. smile.gif
yeah happy 8 march to all women's especially to my mum she has birthday:)

Happy 8th March smile.gif

<i didnt know this existed till i read this post- but heres the website>
Brother Woodrow
Yeah, all the best for the ladies! Be adored by men for the whole year and longer. wink.gif
Moon Boots
Whens Man day tongue.gif
Saoirse O'Shea
And also my wife's birthday (no relation to edguy's mum though smile.gif ).

Happy International Women's Day to all who celebrate it.

The Spartan
What a coincidence I hooked up with my ex-gf on the 8th of march last year n I didn't even know this day existed untill now lol
Bogdan Radovic
Happy Women's Day!!

Have a special day! wink.gif
Trond Vold
Hum.. smile.gif I've been engaged for over 6 years, but when the missus hinted me to congratulate her with something today i was completely lost
Muris Varajic
Congrats Tony and Edguy,nice timing biggrin.gif
sad.gif another Halmark holiday? Less than 1 month out from Valentines too. Whoever keeps cooking up these nonsense holidays needs to take a break. I thought Valentines day was international Woman day? who knew...
Muris Varajic
QUOTE (Goliath @ Mar 8 2008, 02:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I thought Valentines day was international Woman day?

Wrong biggrin.gif
Juan M. Valero
ouch, happy 8th March to all ladies !!! smile.gif
I think this should of gone in the ladies of gmc board!

But anyway, happy 8th of march! smile.gif
Nemanja Filipovic
happy 8 th march
Thanks everyone smile.gif
Happy Womans day to all the gmc ladies! smile.gif
Jerry Arcidiacono
Happy Women's Day!! smile.gif

Hisham Al-Sanea
Happy womens day !
I have seen it late but...thank you!!!
Danilo Capezzuto
La donna...croce e delizia dell' essere umano!
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