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Full Version: Boomerang Phrase Sampler
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Scale your pictures down blink.gif
QUOTE (JVM @ Apr 3 2008, 07:21 PM) *
Scale your pictures down blink.gif

Odd, for me it does it automatically. Let me work on that. I apologize. Thanks.

Actually, if you give it a couple seconds it does it automatically...if it's a bid deal...I can reformat and scale the pics down.
It does do it automatically, but it takes a long time to load the pictures (before it scales them down). It probably does not for you because they're coming from your machine. I have a pretty decent connection speed, so I can only feel for people with slower ones. But yeah, it's good practice to scale them down anyway.
Muris Varajic
Thanks for review,I've been thinking of buying it for a long time!! smile.gif

Ohh,and those pictures ARE huge. ohmy.gif
Nice review, thanks for sharing smile.gif

And yeah, do something about the picture size tongue.gif
I don't have any problems with it, but people with slower connections might throw a fit while loading these pictures biggrin.gif
Danilo Capezzuto
Wow I'm lost in the picture...nice review...!!
Nemanja Filipovic
thanks for the review
Pictures have been fixed. Sorry about that.
Nice review man. I have always asked me , how usefuel can this thing be for live playing or it is just for fun at home?
Nice pictures, a lot aswell!! good review
that Boomearng cought my interest. Seems fun. biggrin.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
This is a great device. Very useful indeed. I already have a basic loop option, but this would be great indeed. I allready saw thsi device used by a John Scofield live when he played here, so it must be a good quality one.
Trond Vold
Never seen this one before ohmy.gif
I love the design!

Great review smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Awesome! This must be the ultimate practice/one-man-jamming tool - I also like the fact that the made it quite big as finding the right pedal in time i sessential to creatinga good loop! Thanks for the review. biggrin.gif
Bogdan Radovic
Great review and an awesome device ! Thanks wink.gif
I have actually had my eye on one of these were some time now. Great review.
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