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Full Version: Pentatonic + Modes
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Hi David
Its just been one day for me at GMC, and i have done two of your lessons(Aeolian lead, and Gilmour lesson2).. both amazing...

I saw in the video how you mixed Am pentatonic with B lydian mode...
My question here is how do we mix Pentatonic Scales with Modes?? As in if i am playing Am pentatonic, which all modes am i allowed to play along with it? unsure.gif

My 2nd question, which i asked in another thread as well
How do you differenciate between Modal Sounds... i get very much confused when i play the modes as i feel i am playing the same thing again and again.. as i am just playing different notes of the major scale from different root notes...
How am i to approach towards modes?? unsure.gif

Thank you in advance.. rolleyes.gif
Hi can i also ask if its possible to have the backing tracks for Aeolian Lead + David Gilmour Style lesson 2
Is it possible for you to upload them here on the board...(would really appriciate if you can give me those)
David Wallimann
Sorry for the late answer...
In order to hear the modes, you need to hear them over a chord. Just playing them will not let hyou hear their colour as a note has a meaning only according to another one...
I would recommend my Learning the modes lesson to answer your questions.

Mixing pentatonics with modes all depends of the type of chord you'll play over.
I'll start a lesson on that subject soon. :-)
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