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Full Version: Bad Religion
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Bad Religion played Saturday (4/5/2007) at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. House of Blues is a small venue that fits a couple hundred people. It was awesome to be so close to this great could see the sweat pouring out their faces. The set opened up with "21st Century Digital Boy", which got the crowd pumped up right away. The pit was going off with some moshing and crowd surfing. Everyone was pretty mellow (no fights) and that made the show very enjoyable. I was really happy that they covered a wide array of songs from all their albums and didn't just play songs from the new album. They picked 2-3 songs from several albums from what I could hear and some songs I never heard of (or don't remember hehe). Songs played that I recall:

Requiem For Dissent
Los Angeles Is Burning
New Dark Ages
Going For A Walk
The Answer
Against The Grain
American Jesus
The Grey Race

And a couple more I can't remember. Tickets were $25 for this show and venue. Drinks were outrageously expensive though!!! But that's to be expected. The triple guitar attack of BR was simply....amazing. The sound was only gripe was it was hard to hear vocals, but maybe that was just the venue as the opening bands had vocal issues as well. I'd rather hear the lyrics than they being mixed in with the music as a din that you can barely hear and understand....Overall awesome show and Gregg Graffin really got the crowd pumped up and into the show. Gotta love his expressions and hand movements!
RIP Dime
I saw them a couple months ago in a 1,000 or so capacity club, it was amazing, the pit was HUGE!!!! Only the people in the very front weren't jumping/moshing/running around, almost the entire crowd was moshing for 'You'. Very cool live band.
Gabriel Leopardi
They were the opening act in a festival the last year here in Argentina. As the organizators let the people enter slowly to the concert I couldn't see their show. sad.gif
I'm going to their show on the Hovefestival later this year, and I must say I look forward to it=)
Pablo Vazquez
I don't know why Bad Religion, in Argentina, isn't a popular band... The are incredibles!!! Good songs, good melodies...
Well, thanks for the review!
Nemanja Filipovic
hey thanks for the review.....
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