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Full Version: Hooking Up Mixer To Amplifier
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I just joined a band. The other day we were setting up to host a jam session and a member of the band was saying that we didn't need a separate power amp for the stage monitors, as he was going to feed the one Main Power Amp
we to the input of the mixer. therefore, the mixer now becomes a "powered mixer", and we could now take the monitor outputs to the stage monitors and other main outputs to the main speakers and that would do the trick.

I have never hooked up mixers this way. Is this something new I am unaware of? Or is this jus an unconventional way of powering stage monitors w/o the use of an extra monitor amp? Also, what about impedance problems from four or more speakers still being sourced from one amp?

Andrew Cockburn
If you are talking about feeding the ouptut from a power amp into your mixer you will most likely blow it up. Mixers are generally supposed to take small line and instrument signals and mix them together before feeding them to a power amp - there are some delicate electronics in there that won;t be expecting the power and voltages from the output of a power amplifier.
Bogdan Radovic
Don't do it..It will damage the mixer..You have to go from the mixer to the poweamp and than to speakers , monitors etc..Also if you have active monitors you can go directly from mixer to them..
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