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Full Version: Orphaned Land
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Well I have always been a fan of Middle Eastern music and in the past couple of months, Dream Theater has really got me sucked into Progressive Metal. But now I know every Dream Theater song in my head so much that I have started to look around for other progressive bands. Due to the Middle Eastern influences, Dream Theater songs like "Home" have become my favorite. Anyways I have tried bands like Between the Buried and Me and others and frankly just can't stand them, making me believe more and more that Dream Theater is the only band in the progressive genre that I am really going to be able to enjoy. For some reason if I band does Middle Eastern stuff, no matter what it is, I am probably going to really like it. For example, not a big fan of death metal, but I love Nile. I was just looking around and I came upon this band called Orphaned Land and read they are progressive and had major Middle Eastern influences, well if this was to be true, this would literally be THE single perfect band for me. So in the past 40 minutes or so I have listened to some of their songs and I am really impressed. The middle eastern influences are so awesome. I love the use of the ancient instruments combined with the Cradle of Filth style vocals, overall I think I am really really really really really going to like this band. Anyone else with me?
The Uncreator
Yes they are truly a unique band, Someone did a review on one of there albums In the album review forum, Check it out, the album is how should I say.....Amazing?

Yes, that is the word for it! smile.gif
I need to check this out then smile.gif

Thanks for sharing mate smile.gif
Yea, I did a review on there 2004 Mabool Album. The band is pretty sick, and I really need a new album from them. Kobi Farhi is a great singer. Great clean and deep growls. Guitar solo's that soar like an eagle. Just abot anything in the band is perfect.
Aren't they making a new album this year with Steven Wilson as producer?
Hmm, thats great news then. Its been 4 years since they released anything.
hey that is a great news!
Trond Vold
ohmy.gif That cant fail.
Orphaned Land rocks
Pablo Vazquez
QUOTE (audiopaal @ Apr 11 2008, 03:16 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I need to check this out then smile.gif

Thanks for sharing mate smile.gif

me too!
Thanks for sharing!
Marcus Siepen
Orphaned Land rock big time, I also love them. I have seen them live last year and they were awesome.
Check out some Spock's Beard by the way smile.gif
Nemanja Filipovic
thanks I just watched their wideos on rock!!!
thanks for
I have only Mabool and it's an excellent album! I don't know the others ...
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