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Full Version: Fender American Stratocaster 60th Anniversary
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Ivan Milenkovic
Well, after some saving I finally bought the guitar I wanted so here's a review:

Brand : Fender
Model: American Strat 60th Anniversary Edition
Price: Local store purchase for 2000$ (can be found on web for ~1600$)


* Sixty Years jeweled headstock inlay
* 60th anniversary stamped chrome neckplate
* US Vintage Reissue pickups
* Reverse-wound/reverse-polarity middle pickup
* Delta Tone wiring
* 2-point tremolo with stainless steel saddles
* Original alder body
* Modern C-shaped maple neck with satin finish
* Rosewood fretboard with rolled edges
* Pearloid dot position markers
* 22 medium-jumbo frets
* 3-color sunburst finish
* Parchment knobs and pickup covers
* Custom Silver Solarium case with embroidered dark red plush interior

PICTURES (sorry for a very bad quality, it was taken form a mobile phone cam, will update the pics as soon as I get new cam)

Own experience of what's being reviewed: Well what to say, I have owned 4 strat copies over the past 9 years and always wanted an original one. During this period I have known everything there is to know about strats and their history in order to make a right choice when buying one. And here is my choice. I wanted to buy an used one because it costed less and the sound was better, but old strats, even ones in really bad condition are overpriced here and I don't get the case so the pricetag for used one and a new one was really the same. Also imo I don't deserve an old guitar, I think the guitar should be getting old together with me if you know what I mean.

When in the store I tried lots of models, I didn't like the Deluxe models, they had versatility but lacked and original sound, also reissue models were too expensive for me and most of them didn't even had a 5 switch option. Also reissue strats are in serial production so not much affection for them, although they do sound the best. This guitars pricetag was in the middle of standard strat and the reissue ones. The main reason is the sound. The sound of the guitar is closer to reissue ones, and I knew imediately that this was a guitar for me. The guitar was 60th Anniversary model, built in commemoration of 60 years of Fender Music Company (not stratocaster existence!). Although this guitar is not so expensive and good sounding like reissues it has some qulities that reissue don't have. It has uniqe character - the guitar is made in 2006 year and only a limited number was produced. Their value will grow faster over time. Also it a modern guitar with a vintage fell to it - it has 5 way position system, modern C shape neck, stainless steel sadles etc.

Own musical preference: I play mainly blues, funk, rock, jazz, and anything in between. This guitar suits my style VERY nice to say at least.

Ease of use: Well this guitar is very playable and very easy to use. Not a lot of options on it, everything is very simple and tweakable. Rolled of fretboard edges makes fretting seamless, and guitar literally pushes the player to play and express himself even better. American Series tremolo is a simple construction mechanism, it took me 5 minutes to tear it apart and setup the springs more tighter. The one thing it kinda bothers me sometimes (it doesn't interfer with my playing at all just didn't used to it), is that a neck bridge tone control has delta wiring system. This means that a pot kinda "clicks" on the value 10 and it is completely removed out of the circuit. So when it click it takes some effort to roll off the tone, so if you wanna do it quickly and wanna use your pinky it is kinda difficult to control it fast and precise.

Sound quality: Sound of this great playing machine is to say at least - excellent. One word - versatility. The guitar carries power in the sound. 3 Vintage pickups deliver in the same time soft, but also a beatifully defined and strong rich with harmonics bell like `57 type sound. The pups are very quiet. They can be used for any type or classic rock, hard rock situation on all positions. Neck position has balls and then some, it blows away all standard strats and coming dangerously close to reissue sound. The middle and the bridge are also great. When tone control on 10, bridge can pull out some ear tearing lead sounds. Excellent!

Reliability: This guitar is very well crafted and although it look maybe a little fragile it is built like a tank. When you take it in your hands and play hard you can see that it is made for heavy duty playing and to last a lifetime. You can feel that.

Summary: This guitar is extremely well crafted. Very nice finish and parchment plastic adds to the vintage vibe. There is only one thing that I don't like on this guitar and you can see it on the picture of the body close up. One of the screws that is holding the pickguard is wrongly screwd in/displased by an ~0,4mm. It is not a big deal and you can't notice it until you take a good look, but it ruins the overall perfect craftmanship of the entire guitar.

Other than that I think this guitar is a terrific instrument, covers all the ranges that I need, and represent a good platform for me to continue to build my sound on. I've installed straplocks and will replace the bridge single with a SD Little '59 PAF sounding hum to give it a more warmer sound. Will do a review of that one for sure.

For the end I include samples. Bare in mind that didn't use EQ (other that guitars)and I used a 50$ microphone for recording so most of the sound is not heard properly.
Awesome review about a great guitar
Yep. I played this once and it is really great. However, as a matter of personal style I would go for a fat strat if I buy a second one...

And very nice way of doing review (with the sounds in the end). I was thinking of doing the same for my guitar (actually I already started tongue.gif )
Chief Brody
I almost bought a very similar Strat myself a few days ago.

Great review, i think i might use this style when i review my new PRS (my current review would only consist of one word - "Outstanding" lol).

That case looks pretty nifty too!
Bogdan Radovic
Great review about an awesome guitar!! smile.gif

Nemanja Filipovic
great review glad you finally got the guitar you always fish for
hope she brings you fame and
Great Review, and congratulations on your new purchase smile.gif
Very good review smile.gif

..and a very nice guitar smile.gif
Congratulations.........beautiful instrument, and nice case too. smile.gif

Thanks for the review, that's an awesome axe...My friend is letting me use his '87 American Strat and I am starting to like those things, very fun to play.
congratulations on your new axe , and thanks for a great review.
Nice review, and awesome guitar, congrats!
Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks guys! smile.gif
at lights end
nice strat, sounds good too.
Pablo Vazquez
Congratulations Ivan! Wonderful guitar and in your hands its dangerous so I'll be watching out cool.gif
Beautiful guitar man, I bought a deluxe with the same finish as yours and I know what you mean by the sound, the noiseless pickups don't quite have that fender tone, I love the guitar all the same but I find I enjoy playing my old '83 squier jv for that nice blues tone
Great guitar for a great guitar player.Lookin forward
to the new lessons.Congrats Ivan
Hisham Al-Sanea
nice review Ivan
Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks again smile.gif
Muris Varajic
Great review,beautiful guitar and awesome clips,
congrats Ivan,wish a lot of nice moments with it!! smile.gif
Young Guitarist
Awesome Review!! Thanks for sharing it with us! smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks a lot! smile.gif
Dejan Farkas
Congrats for the guitar, you made an excellent choice smile.gif

And thanks for the great review smile.gif
Toni Suominen
I've been wanting a strat for a long time myself, so you can imagine how I envy you right now! biggrin.gif

Congrats on the guitar, just beautiful smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic

Thanks man! smile.gif
Ivane Congrats bro!!! That is a beautiful guitar you have. I have American Strat too, and i love mine. You can get allot of great tone out of strats.

Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks man! smile.gif
Nice review, and sounds like an awsome guitar, being a funk/blues fan myself ive thought bout getting a strat, ive only played on my Gibson Les Paul, but like the sound of this one.
Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks man. What I like about this Strat is although it looks kinda fragile, soft and maybe "too nice", it's a mean playing machine. wink.gif
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