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Full Version: Sleep Terror
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The Uncreator

Awesome band, only 2 members, guitarist, and drummer but there music is Immensely awesome. If i had to call them anything it would be "Progressive Jazz Death Metal". Past 2 years i have just been listening to them on Myspace, then my friend was kind enough to buy me some of there stuff!! So im rocking out to it right now smile.gif
I wish I bought off the guys Jackson when he was selling it...

man sleep terror is crazy smile.gif one of my favorite death metal artists..
Wow this is spooky!!!!!!! And I am off topic, but I am still going with it, I God has directed my hand..

Just 2 seconds before pulling this up (and after researching on internet yesterday) I thought maybe I would ask the boys in the forum about something, and that was "Sleep Terrors"

And I pull up the site, and what is the first item on the list, "Sleep Terror". Now is this a sign from God or is this a sign from God? What are the odds of that? God has directed my hand to hijack this tread for reasons only HE knows.

Has anyone here ever experienced a night terror? I had one a couple days ago, and have had them occasionally, but not in the past 6 months. Not a pleasant experience, but as it is rare and I have had these on occasion since I can remember, I don't worry about it. It seems like I wake up in a mental state, some dream state, and it is frightening, passes in about a minute. Heart races to like 200. But I settle down then and go back to bed.

Sorry to attempt to hijack your thread, but as I described above, I am on a mission from God.

edit: oh, forgot to mention, when this does happen, I think maybe I am dying. As I said, not pleasant. I just think "has happened before, just walk around, if you die, fine, you don't have to pick up the corpse". Passes in a minute. As I said, only happens rarely, waking up shortly after going to bed, in a strange semi conscious state for a minute or so.
Danilo Capezzuto
Great "little" band, both amazing, the guitarist play very well!
Nemanja Filipovic
very original,in every aspect,especially the number of the band members:)
Hisham Al-Sanea
nice band
Pablo Vazquez
Yeah!! Really nice! They are very original!
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