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Full Version: Noise Rock Recomendaton
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Its that time again when I am stuck in the rut, and want to find bands who are not in my forte at all. So lately, Boris had been my obsession, and I've come to really like there noisy garage rock sound as is heard in the song Death Valley. I know a few that can do it as well, but I want more bands in the same league. I know Melvins, Boris, and Sonic Youth oh yea and the Stooges, but I don't really fancy them.

So, recommend me some!
aww no one can help me sad.gif
only one that comes to mind is ....MISFITS!
nah, Misfits doesn't really what I wanted. I own a few of there albums, but its not what Im looking for. Thanks though.
You didn't mention Mudhoney or The Pixies. I'm shocked. Although you mentioned bands that aren't noise rock and are classed as sludge/doom rock. But here are a few songs in Noise Rock

Mudhoney - In N' Out Of Grace
Mudhoney - Hate The Police
Pixies - Planet Of Sound
Pavement - Old To Begin

Maybe try Earth if you want something like Sludge/Doom Rock

Check out these on You Tube. Also the first Offspring album. Kill the President and Beheaded are great tracks.
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