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Full Version: Recording Mess Ups
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Does anyone else get nervous when they start to record? Seems like now that i can record, i get nervous about messing up and start thinking about not messing up and do mess up... sad.gif
ya sometimes. before i record i can play whatever it is perfectly then when i start to record i mess up.
QUOTE (Nick325 @ May 9 2008, 03:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
ya sometimes. before i record i can play whatever it is perfectly then when i start to record i mess up.

LOL.... good at least im not alone.. tongue.gif

I start looking at the recording line going across my screen and think about messing up...
I know what you mean. I used to get nervous as well while recording and it would often hold me back..
But just keep doing it and when you're used to the "recording-mode" it will probably go away after a while smile.gif

I don't have a problem with being nervous while recording anymore, although there's lot of other problems laugh.gif
Yeah, I have the same problem, it's weird tho, it's not like your performing to a live audience or anything biggrin.gif
Nemanja Filipovic
Yeah it is a normal thing man.but ion time you will relax more and more.
Ivan Milenkovic
It is like that always. When under pressure to play it good it doesn't sound too good because it's not honest and pure. It can be perfect in technique but it doesn't have that "extra thing". Because of this, usually the first takes are the best, and later on if you see you are doing one same take more than 5-10 times, stop and rest a bit and do something else, because you will get nowhere pushing it.
Not nervous really, but tense and the messes the recording up. I start thinking of lightening up and stop thinking about what to play and when I start thinking about doing things right instead I start making errors laugh.gif
Trond Vold
After 14 years of recording myself, i still mess up on the first takes nomatter how easy what i'm recording is smile.gif
It's not nervousness though, it's more that i get tense and want to do it perfectly, which never works.
The best results comes when you relax.
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