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Full Version: Wanted: Battered Stratocaster
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I want a Stratocaster that you may have lying around doing nothing. It has to be a Fender Strat but it can be a Mexican one. No Squire Strats. I want to do it up a bit and stick some Texas Specials in it and let it scream. Let me know how much you want for it if you have any hanging around.

So to sum up

Fender USA Stratocaster w/ 3 single pick ups
Fender Mexian Stratocaster w/ 3 single pick ups

In any colour within reason and with or without scratchplate

Sorry, I dont have that one.. FOR SALE! But those guitars are really good, I got one with texas special pu's:D BLUESAY!
You got my hopes up then lol biggrin.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Mine is not for sale or battered up, but those things are pretty hard to find for a small sale value wink.gif battered look can even raise the price on strat cool.gif
Bogdan Radovic
Have you searched ebay ? smile.gif Hmm battered stratocaster , In a way sound more appealing than the new one smile.gif
haha. I will find one biggrin.gif

I really want a Strat with Tex Specials. But I have no cash and 7 guitars already laugh.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Maybe you can trade some guitar you own mate, I mean, cammon 7 guitars? I have 2 and hate when I have to change the strings on both of them biggrin.gif
I don't need 7 it's safe to say but it feels like selling a limb laugh.gif I don't know which one to get rid of sad.gif
Check out that new brand - Vintage - it recieved great credits in a review in a Swedish guitar magazine.

it doesn't say "Fender" but if that's important a sticker cost about $2 biggrin.gif

Otherwise I can only recommend you get an old Tokai, Hondo or old Squier (a differnt, more happy story than the new ones). Hondo is the cheaper of the three.

People who can't make a Fender from a Tokai won't be bothered about the headstock tag while people who know guitars will think you're extremely cool, if that's sought after biggrin.gif
Why wont you batter it yourself.. I mean... thats much cooler!
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