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Full Version: The Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace
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Paul Coutts
I just heard the album on a premiere....and I have to say this is sooooo worth the 5 year wait. One of my TOP favourite all time bands as finally put out another record and it is amazing!

Okay, the guitar work might not be so great, but the songs are FANTASTIC, and Dexter's voice really does it for me.

I HIGHLY recommend you check it out smile.gif

just like to add- you can download the first single "Hammerhead" from
Awesome, one of my favourite bands as well!
Hope i can get my hands on the album.
I love the offspring. I have to check this out. I have seen them 5 times and my fav songs are 'kill the president', 'have you ever', 'what in the world happened to you' and 'all i want'. Fav album is ixnay followed by smash and americana
I saw The Offspring live last Saturday - It was really great, they played old and new stuff 50/50.
Paul Coutts
Yeah, I saw them live years ago on the Conspiracy of One tour, and that was fantastic....been waiting to see them again for ages! The tracks on this album will be awesome live...I really think this album will shoot them up to as big as when Smash or Americana came out.
Think of Green Day's American Idiot....This is Offspring's American Idiot.

Great news! Hopefully it will be another Americana...
Paul Coutts
I can tell you that the first half of the album is a mix of some Splinter and Conspiracy in style and lyrics, but with the intensity and rawness of Americana.... they've definitely polished their sound smile.gif
The second half of the CD, I'll leave as a surprise.... it is surprising to say the least.... I personally love it... so much new stuff, and done really well. Others will hate it, but find that it'll grow on them.

Ivan Milenkovic
I heard one song on the radio, it sounded nice. I hope it will be as good as Smash was smile.gif
Paul Coutts
yeah, that song was "Hammerhead", the first single smile.gif
I'll tell you that it's as good as Smash.... but in a different way smile.gif
Haven't heard anything from/about it except "hammerhead" but I'm sure it'll be absolutely smashing! Seen em live once and I'd love to do it again!!
Man, haven't listened to these guys since American Prankster
Bogdan Radovic
This is great news , they are so cool! smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
thanks for the info! I'm going to check the new son now. smile.gif
Juan M. Valero
I'm not a fan but they have a great and personal style, and guitars sound is always amazing wink.gif

I'll try to check this album smile.gif
Paul Coutts
It's out today! biggrin.gif
Pablo Vazquez
Cool!! Great news!
Paul Coutts
after extensive listening.... this may be the best album they've ever come out with... seriously, definetly a contender against Smash and, this album is crazy
I have to hear this.
Today I downl... hem... bought the record, and I have to agree with Paul... it is very very good... one thing that amazes me a lot is that Dexter seems to never change his voice! I mean, the guy sings as if he was 20... incredible...
Nemanja Filipovic
Thanks for the news,I didn't know that they did a new album.I loved the Americana as a kid.Cant wait to here there new
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