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Full Version: Guthrie Govan
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I've never really liked fusion before, but a couple of days ago i heard "Fives" by Guthrie Govan. I really liked it and since then i've actually listened to and enjoyed even jazz and more fusion stuff, and lots more of Guthrie's music. smile.gif I never realised listening to one guitarist could make me like more music so easily.

Does anyone have any other recomendations in the jazz/fusion style, cos i'm really starting to enjoy it.

Also what's fusion a fusion of? smile.gif
I love Fives!!

Greg Howe is another good player who plays that style...
Gabriel Leopardi
You could check Scot Henderson and some Ritchie Kotzen albums (the instrumental albums).
Juan M. Valero
Maybe Frank Gambale wink.gif
Muris Varajic
It's kind a hard to recommend
someone after Guthrie when it comes to Fusion,
he has it all too perfect imho!

But Greg Howe is another great example for sure. smile.gif
Saoirse O'Shea
Brett Garsed and also Mike Stern would probably fill the bill for you in addition to those already mentioned.

Henry Dietzel
I'm with Matt this site has influenced me to start gaining an interest in fusion and I'm hooked. I also got turned onto Guthrie from GMC thanks to DR-and his track waves has been on for days now.......I'm loving it!!! biggrin.gif Will check out the others thanks guys, great post Matt23 just listened to fives for the 1st time, holy $%&#
GG made my jaw drop too!

Now i love fusion...but i prefer the studio version of fives alot better I think- lots of improv in that vid.
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