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Full Version: The Dethtour
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The Uncreator

The first band to play was Soilent Green, While im not a big fan of them really, There shows are still easily enjoyable. The guitarists tone was a bit too "digital" but other than that the mix of all the instruments was done really well. The drummer was what made the show for me, He was just tearing it up, His sound was fantastic and he never missed a beat. The double bass sounded great and his fills were lightning fast, His blast beats were great as well. The rest of the band played really well, The guitarist and bass player didn't have too good of a stage presence, but the singer made up for it. Walking around screaming into the mic, while making dramatic hand motions and whatnot and looking like he just killed a man. Good opener for a fantastic show to follow.


Next up was Chimaira, Once again I'm not really a fan of there music but I've seen them before and there shows are nothing but top notch. The sound was fantastic, you could hear both guitars, the bass, drums, and vocals really well. The lightshow was great as well, Lots and lots of strobes laugh.gif The crowd started to get wild here and pits were starting to form everywhere, I was fortunate enough to be right against the railing and dead center, So I got a fantastic view of the show. The riffs were pummeled out one after another, and the singer did a great job just unleashing hell into the mic. The only problem was the lead guitar, It was drowned out more than I had liked, And you had to concentrate on just it in order to hear it. Overall though a fantastic show, And a worthy opener for what was to come.


Finally it had come, Since I first saw the original Dethklok episode when it debuted, I had been waiting for this. For starting out on a low budget show like Home Movies, And making his way to a full fledged North American tour Brendon Small is not just a some guy who made a TV show about a metal band, He is a full fledged performer. His vocals we're dead on, whether he was doing Pickles or Nathan's voice, It was just perfect. The riffs we're crisp and clear, And his lead playing was phenomenal. He also had the aid of another guitarist, Who looks a lot like David Gilmour, but even though this guy was an older fellow, It didn't stop him from doing trade-offs with Brendon, Giant Harmonies like in "Dethwater", and busting out some of the solos himself. Also, I don't know how they got him, But Gene Holgan graced us with his presence on the drums, Hammering out his legendary skin-skills for the show and just doing a monstrous job of it. Bryan Murdock (AKA William Murderface) also did a great job on the bass, and you could still hear it very well over everything else. On top of the amazing live show they put on, they had a Giant screen on behind them, That played the "music videos" for each song, And since it wasn't on TV, You got to see them in all there uncensored glory (Thunderhorse was hilarious laugh.gif ). And in between each song, they had these little mini-episodes that were hilarious, one where Murderface left the stage to pee, Another where an assassin was sent to kill Dethklok, and so much more. The show was just Brutal, the pits were as intense if not more intense than even The Black Dahlia Murder or even Nile. If you see them, you'll hear all your favorite songs, Detheme, Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, Thunderhorse, Murmaider, Hatredcopter, Briefcase Full Of Guts, Fansong, Detharmonic, Dethwater, Awaken, Birthday Dethday, all the best ones. The show was done flawlessly.
I never heard of any of those bands, but Soilent Green.....IS MADE FROM PEOPLE!!! ha!
Nemanja Filipovic
Great review man,
The Uncreator
QUOTE (kahall @ Jul 2 2008, 06:43 PM) *
I never heard of any of those bands, but Soilent Green.....IS MADE FROM PEOPLE!!! ha!

Dethklok is actually a cartoon band from the TV Show "Dethklok: Metalocalypse" laugh.gif

If you're into Death/ Black/ Thrash/ Folk Metal or Metal just in general, You will love the show.
sounds like a great show! I want to see Dethklok really badly biggrin.gif i have the whole first season of metalocalypse on my computer and some of the second season. When youve seen the show it makes some of the stuff alot more enjoyable.. btw did you notice the bassists wierd way of speed picking? He does something odd with his fingers, rather than pluckings its sort of like using his finger as a pick. Anyways great review.. its hard to believe the pitts would be more intence than for nile!
Great review! I'm talking my dad into a road trip to see them in houston haha
Awsome review ohmy.gif

I'd loved to see Dethklok I've been into their music for a couple of weeks now and I can say they kick ass!
Pablo Vazquez
Great review!!! wink.gif
The show in Atlanta was great. And so was meeting Brendon Small, Mike Keneally and my favorite metal drummer, Gene Hoglan!
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