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Full Version: Tip Of The Day #19
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Bogdan Radovic
"Bass line should evolve through the song.If you have a song that have repeated parts like chorus etc you could make them interesting by changing the line slightly there."
Ivan Milenkovic
Very good composing tip Bole, thanks. Doing something interesting with the bass line can often make all the difference smile.gif
Pablo Vazquez
Yeah! I totally agree!! And it isn't easy make cool variations in the bass line. Maybe for that reason a lot of great bands have great bassist!
Juan M. Valero
I agree !!! wink.gif bass lines are important, and good bass player are also really important tongue.gif
Danilo Capezzuto
Useful tip for recording sessions! Bravo Bogdan!
Marcus Siepen
Very nice tip, pure repetition can easily get boring, but like this you can keep parts very interesting
Jerry Arcidiacono
Great tip Bodgan. It also works for rhythm guitar parts sometimes.
Muris Varajic
It's all about groove,yep biggrin.gif
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