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Full Version: Tips For Young Player
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Hey Bogdan,

My son, who is 12 and a great drummer, now wants to learn bass. I can teach him a little to get him started. I was wondering if you have any tips or advice for a new, young player?

Bogdan Radovic
That's great news! Being a drummer will be big plus surly!
I suggest paying attention first at hands positioning and I would suggest learning to play fingerstyle (right hand) from the beginning.Also left hand should be playing one finger per fret..I would suggest showing him really basic stuff as how notes are distributed over the fretboard..Once he learns that and get used to really simple fingering he can learn a simple song.. (for moral boost)..Then off to practicing, I would suggest him to check out my basic bass line building blocks lessons and harmonizing major scale series (basic theory knowledge)...Also left and right hand technique exercises for developing strength in hands..That will be a good start..Also I would suggest checking out Andrews theory lessons - one about major scale because some of my lessons back on that knowledge..Also playing a scale up and down the neck will be a most efficient way to get used to left and right hand fingering on bass..
Just remember to start slowly and take time to develop...

p.s. Regarding the right hand technique , It would be very nice to concentrate on right hand alternating..Meaning one note is played picked with index finger and other with middle and in circle...It's very important to start early with that so he won't have any problems later....

Thanks Bogdan, this is helpful. I'll let you know how it goes!

Bogdan Radovic
Cool , if you have any more specific questions later on, just shoot smile.gif

Cheers smile.gif
He should already have the rhythm aspect down which is a big help smile.gif I'd say it might be very useful to learn songs on bass that he already knows on drums and decide whether he wants to use finger style or pick style early on. This depends totally on the music he likes.
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