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Full Version: Dragonforce Soloing Style Lesson?
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Hi there,

ever since first hearing them when their second album came out I have been totally amazed and mesmerized by the soloing efforts of the guitarists in the power metal band Dragonforce...
The whole computer game sounding solo's that Herman is right into and the harmonizations between guitarists and basically everything that makes it so magical... I would like to know how they do it all... if possible ;-)
so if anyone knows what i'm talking about or has any ideas about techniques they use or modes etc they use...
that'd be just awesome...

thanks for your time,


I worship everyone who can pull this one of + I'm really interested in their style aswell
sooooOOO i'm guessing no-one has the mad skills to teach this then? :-S I'm sad now.... surely someone in this vast array of music genius's knows a thing or two about them and their style....
Herman Li can teach you himself!
There are plenty of instructors here who have the skill to do this.
surely there is someone? ohmy.gif I have seen those youtube vids but they're not really "all that" I'd like to know techniques which they use alot and possibly their favorite scales etc... well, I'm still waiting if anyone can help out.. that'd be freakin' awesome laugh.gif
Kristofer Dahl
I would like to see a lesson covering this style as well - given how popular it is! smile.gif + I have heard recordings that sound fantastic.
Muris is probably the man to ask but he is not the biggest Dragonforce fan LOL
QUOTE (Praetorian @ Jul 29 2008, 12:47 PM) *
Herman Li can teach you himself!

Ummm... That was weird biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Praetorian @ Jul 29 2008, 01:47 PM) *
Herman Li can teach you himself!

Here he is teaching everything you need to know
Juan M. Valero
mmm sounds interesting for me wink.gif when I finish my lessons I'l try to do this one
Gabriel Leopardi
mmm have you asked Lian about this? Maybe he could work on some stuff like that. smile.gif
Dragonforce solo lesson number 1: Forget how to play the guitar.

But really, I did see them pull off the new song live, and it was pretty good. Maybe they sobered up or got better, and the studio stuff is pretty good.
Jose Mena
Check out a live performance
QUOTE (Jose Mena @ Sep 14 2008, 04:35 PM) *

Well... It did at least give me a good laugh tongue.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
QUOTE (Jose Mena @ Sep 14 2008, 11:35 AM) *

The guitar player's fall is very funny! laugh.gif They sound good live but I preffer the studio versions...
Simple, record a bunch of random crap real slowly, then run it through pro tools and speed it up, real fast. instant dragonforce!
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