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Full Version: Sotw - Rhythm Guitar
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Andrew Cockburn
Ok SOTW rhythm ists smile.gif

I have:

Marcus S

Lets have a chat about how we do this, and what your preferences are while the others record their solos.

I have a couple of ideas but would like to hear what you all think ...

Firstly, Daniel has already come up with some great ideas to add to the basic riff.

Marcus and Lian, would you like to trade verses with the basic riff, or would you like to play different things?

One Idea I had for the basic riff was to have you both play it and pan you left and right for a more powerful sound, I think that would work well for the opening riff, and then maybe you would like to each take a different crack at the verse and chorus rhythm guitar?

Let me know what you think as I am not a rhythm guitarist and would welcome your input!
Marcus Siepen
Panning 2 guitars left and right is for sure the best option, this would be fine for me. As for parts, I am open for anything,but I think it would make the most sense to let everybody play kinda the whole thing, like this we would get even 3 rhythm guitar layers, we could pan one in the middle. What do you guys think?
Lian Gerbino
yes, that´s cool idea... no problem for me... just tell me what I´ve to do. Marcus´ advices are great too! when we start biggrin.gif ?
Andrew Cockburn
Yes, I like that idea Marcus smile.gif We will end up with a monster rhythm section driving this thing to insanity smile.gif And with 3 parts, we can mix different players up at different times to add a little prominence here and there too.

I am thinking for the first riff though, we should keep it authentic, and everyone playing the same until we get into the first verse, then you guys can do what you like from that point on smile.gif

If everyone is ok with this lets do it like that!

Ok, I think for rhythm, as for bass, we need to wait for the arrangement to crystalize a little more, in particular I need to see how many and what type of solos we end up with, then I can make a backing track for you all to record the whole song to.
Lian Gerbino
cool for me andrew!
Marcus Siepen
fine for me too smile.gif
Daniel Robinson
Sounds like a Plan stan!

Andrew Cockburn
Great - we'll let the prima-donna soloists sort themselves out then we'll get on with the serious business of bass and rhythm smile.gif
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