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Full Version: The Dawn Found Me Dead
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The Uncreator
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The Dawn Found Me Dead
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Movement I: Every time the sun rises

Morning rose, Too a pale shaking body
Eyes dimmed forever, From the heavy crimson drapes
The sides of a bed, Never felt so wrong
Being alive never seemed so sinful

My heart beats every now and then
Doesn’t really need to, I have not been forgiven
Do I even have a soul to take pity on?
Doesn’t really matter, It’s too bleak anyway

Every morning I see their eyes in the mirror
Brushed to a fine finish with the tears of agony
Like a picture taken before the moment of death
Breathless entities haunt me for my sins

Every time the sun rises
I hide the light from every window
Every time the sun rises
I feel myself die a little more inside
Every time the sun rises
They all return again
Never to leave me, Here forever
My skeletons still hang outside the closet
Displaying themselves in shame

Oh, morning rise
Such pain and anguish
Such malice I have for you
Leave me be


Movement II: Not unlike the night

The sun is setting, The only time I wish it would rise
So much as I hate this light, So much more do I hate the night

..And if I dare to be alive
If I dare turn a corner, Or open my eyes
My heart stops short, Skips a thousand beats
Because I know my eyes do not lie
Do not deceive
Fleshless, faceless, eyeless, Limbless
Creatures of sin
Are a tightly wound fold over my eyes
A veil for vision


Sweating heavy and breathing hard
My head spins around and around
I wander frantically without direction

Mirrors break and paintings fall
The walls are bleeding
And the roof is collapsing

A young woman is there
Crying a river of tears
And tears of blood

A faceless man stands still
Suit covered in filth
Staring at me with unseen eyes

I wish this all away
But I accept it still
For I deserve nothing more

Not unlike the night
My soul is empty and black

Movement III: The dawn found me dead

Stop screaming
Stop crying
Stop staring
Stop tormenting me

I do not know how to repent more
...Repent more for what I’ve done
If its death you want
Then take me now


But no....
“The solution is not good enough!”
They crying woman and faceless man said to me
Handed me a knife
Said “Take your own life!”
Feel what we felt, Feel what we still feel

Outside, The mist caressed my legs
The forest of dead trees housing all those entities
I walked up a hill where a cloaked woman stood
“I am death, I’ve come to bear witness to this repentance”

I got down on my knees and raised the blade high
Shed a tear, Not of fear, But of hope, Of joy
In went the blade like a hot knife to snow
Felt my shoulders get lighter and lighter
Watched my anguish bleed out
The faces were gone, the voices stopped screaming
Peace attained in death

The sun rose again, But this time
The dawn would find me dead
At peace
At rest....

© Brett Windnagle, 2008
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This one is about a man who is haunted by his sins who take the form of facelss men and women crying rivers of blood and whatnot. I say redemption in 3 movements because the story follows the man from sunrise, nightfall, to the dawn. Musically the song will have 3 very distinct sections according to Sunrise, nightfall, and dawn.
Dude thats a crazy song!
The Uncreator

Glad ya like it smile.gif

I'm quite fond of this one myself
What a beautiful structure this one had ! biggrin.gif

Every time the sun rises
I feel myself die a little more inside

That was a great line. smile.gif

A young woman is there
Crying a river of tears
And tears of blood

Reminded me of Steven King's " The Shining"

"Heres Johnny! laugh.gif"

A faceless man stands still
Suit covered in filth
Staring at me with unseen eyes

This part was especially scary.
Reminded me of one episode of the Twilight Zone.

Lots of Faceless People, very scary. Very Distrubing! biggrin.gif

This was really good. It reminded me a bit of one of your old lyrics. Cant quite put my finger on it, but it ended in Suicide also. ( How wonderful smile.gif laugh.gif

But yeah, was a very Enjoyable read biggrin.gif Take Care ! tongue.gif
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