I feel blessed everyday.
To have a angel,
Here with me.
To keep me company,
When there is none to keep,
To stay with me at night,
When I attempt to sleep.

She gives me the pleasure,
Of holding her hand.
I dont have a clue,
But she has a plan.

She thinks we can beat the odds.
Prove them all so wrong.
And when we finally win.
We will claim our seats,
At the throne of God.

But after years of trust.
Of friendship and struggle.
You abbadoned me.
Your image so fresh in my mind.
Her Beauty was one of a kind.
My angel abbadoned me,
Only to return when I had finally given up.

You were different,
Your heart no longer beated as strong as mine,
Your beauty, No longer one of a kind.
You had given up on me,
As I had once given up on you.

I wish we could rebuild the magic that we once had,
In a sand castle full saddness,
Maybe then we could end all this foolish maddness.

But maybe this is what angels are for,
Our hearts beat as one.
And when I gave up,
She did to.
But unlike me, She waited.
Knowing somewhere, somehow.

That I would also....come through.
And we would rebuild that trust.
Just me, and my Guardian Angel.

----© John Minoia 2008

I believe in angels. This is a song for mine.