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Full Version: Shredding Excercises
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Hola Jose,

Im practicing your shredding excercises lesson, I can play it at the moment at 80 bpm, but I am a little confused about how you do the picking. In the first 16th note licks when you move from the 5th fret to the 3rd fret , do you repeat a downstroke? Im using alternate picking exclusively , without doing the legatos, but I want to hear your opinion about it.

Thanks Jose, keep your lessons coming.
Jose Mena
Hi Cofeeman

If you hadn't sent me that PM, I would have never found this. I guess you are talking about the part highlighted in green. The answer is yes alternate, I don't repeat strokes for this, the only thing I do is use that pull off which is highlighted in red which helps a little and gives you a little break


Sorry for missing this post, I will keep it in mind to check in the Ask an Instructor board, soon I hope I get my own board so that it is easier for me to track these

Hope this answers your question, keep practicing my friend

I know why you ask, on the first video, it seems I played 2 down strokes, when I play slow sometimes I loose track of what I am doing, I mistakenly started with an upstroke when going back to the 2nd string so to fix it I played a double stroke.

Check it when I play it fast I will come back to that second string with a down stroke which will avoid the problem, sorry if it confused you, I wasn't concerned too much about the picking pattern here.
Hi Jose ,

Thanks a lot , that was exaclty what I was asking. I will practice it exactly as you do it. I just had the doubt because in the video seems that you repeat a downstroke.

Thanks a lot for the explanation and keep your lessons coming.
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