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Full Version: How Do You Keep It Clean?
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Hey Marcus! ive noticed that in most of your videos, u r using a type of echo, like seep echo or tape echo. Correct me if i am wrong. Neway, how do u keep ur shredding clean if the notes are overlapping from the echo? is there a secret or are u not using an echo.
Marcus Lavendell
Hi sigma7 smile.gif

Yes, I often use a small delay effect (echo) on my solos, but not when I play rhythm. Sometimes I use the delay in my PODxt, and sometimes I add a delay plug-in after I've recorded. It depends on what I want to do smile.gif

The only reason I do it is because I find it much easier make the guitar fit in the mix when there are some echo effect on. It just blends in smile.gif

I understand why you ask the question about the notes overlapping, because theoretically it should just sound like a big mess! However, when we use echo as an effect to make the guitar fit better - we don't want the echo too loud. It should be very low in volume (often around 20 - 30%). And also, the way I set up my echo, I put a Hi-cut filter on it so that there are no problems with the phase. This also kind of prevents the overlapping notes issue, to some degree...

Let me explain that part a little more.
So lets say I have a solo tone that is within the frequency range of 200 Hz up to about 8 KHz (just as an example). Then I often don't want the echo on all those frequencies as well, so I "cut away" all the frequencies above say 4 KHz. So this means that the echo only is at the range from 200 Hz to 4 KHz, and we have from 4 KHz up to 8 KHz alone for the solo tone.

I hope this answered your questions smile.gif

Thank you for the fast reply Marcus!! ya it does explain a lot. haha, no wonder. Ill try it out when my arm heals! biggrin.gif happy.gif
Marcus Lavendell
ok, just let me know if you want some more explaining smile.gif
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