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Full Version: Goodbye
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Nick Kellie

Things have changed around in my life lately and therefore I cannot commit to GMC at present... Its been nice to meet everyone and I wish you all the best for the future.

Many thanks,
Oh... Will you be back? mellow.gif

Most holy texts dont agree but.. in the end, real life is more important then GMC ohmy.gif

Good luck with the future smile.gif
ohmy.gif But... but... why isn't there a damn crying emoticon?? laugh.gif

I'm gonna miss your jazz lessons...
Best of luck Nick, hope you can come back some day!
It has been a pleasure smile.gif

All the best smile.gif
Kristofer Dahl
Goodbye Nick!

I also hope you get back to us in the future - until then I want to wish you good luck. I also want to thank you for your inspiring lessons and professional manners. smile.gif
sad.gif You created my favourite lessons on here. I always like to understand what I'm playing and you always made sure people understood fully. I hope you decide to come back in the future to create more lessons.

Good luck with your future guitar projects smile.gif
Emir Hot
Good luck Nick. Hope you'll be back
Rated Htr
Good luck man, hope everything turns out ok for you smile.gif
Best of luck Nick, enjoyed your lessons smile.gif
Good luck with all your projects Nick , your lessons were very helpful and inspiring.
goodbye nick, sad.gif your lessons were both insightful and inspiring, i will keep a close on on your music career, your potential is unlimited. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Kuba Szafran
Goodbye mate, your lessons were awesome. Hope I'll see more of them in near future smile.gif.
Trond Vold
It's a shame to see you leave sad.gif Hope you'll be back someday smile.gif
Goodbye and Goodluck! hope to see you back on the GMC team in the future smile.gif
To bad, but nothing to do about it I gues! Good luck in "real" life Nick!
Is this case really serious? ohmy.gif
I´ll miss you, Nick... sad.gif When will you be back?
Chris Evans
all the best Nick, I wish you every success with everything you do smile.gif
All the best Nick I Hope you will come back eventually unsure.gif
Goodbye come back
That's too bad man. You really were one of the top instructors. Such an amazing feel to your playing.

Good luck with life smile.gif
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh that's awefull. Where do I get my serious jazz fix now. Hope you will be back one day and that everything will work out perfectly for you!!
Good luck with your live Nick
Oh, that's sad sad.gif
I'm very sorry to see you leave, hope you'll be back in the future smile.gif
Andrew Cockburn
Best of luck for the future Nick - I enjoyed your lessons!
I'm sorry to see you leave. Thanks for your time here and I'm wishing you all the best in the future. smile.gif
Marcus Lavendell
Too bad to see you go Nick.
Hope you'll be back some day!
Best of luck to you Nick smile.gif
Hisham Al-Sanea
good luck fellow .
No one even competes with you on guitar sad.gif Please come back one day. You're the most talented guitarist on here.
Muris Varajic
Ahh,sorry to hear Nick,
I hope we'll have you back at GMC one day,
I wish you all the best in your life and career tho!

Take care smile.gif
I'm actually quite devestated. I will buy your CD this week. I really want to hear it badly.
David Wallimann
Good luck Nick,
you'll be missed here. Hope our paths meet in the future!
sidewas lightning
At first I'm like oh, crap, another one of those stupid pranks. Here we go again.
BUT IT WAS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can Kris please make a crying emoticon? Thanks. It would have helped here.
Oh man... sad.gif

I'm really gonna miss your lessons man.

Some of the best on GMC.

Well, I wish you the best, and if you ever wanna surprise us with a Lesson, feel free.
Gerardo Siere
Good bye, Nick. Hope you come back soon.
Best of luck Nick- thanks for the great lessons- i too hope to see you back.
QUOTE (OrganisedConfusion @ Sep 23 2008, 10:30 PM) *
I'm actually quite devestated. I will buy your CD this week. I really want to hear it badly.

The CD is really great. You should definetly get it.
Barenaked Ninja
You can't leave yet I just got here! biggrin.gif

Just kidding! Best of luck to ya!
Jerry Arcidiacono
Really?? ohmy.gif
All the best for you, Nick. Hope to see you again on GMC sooner or later. smile.gif
Take care Nick, I am sad to see a fellow Brit go sad.gif So I wish you all the best, and if you ever move to the south west let me know as im looking for a "live" teacher smile.gif
Velvet Roger
Thanks for all input, learned a lot from your lessons.
Toni Suominen
Goodbye Nick, hopefully we will see you soon! smile.gif
Lian Gerbino
oh, that´s sad... but I think your reasons are true! so, I wish you the best of luck! and just say SEE YOU SOON man! wink.gif
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