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Full Version: Hey Dime -Hawiian earthquake?
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RIP Dime, Are you anywhere near the earthquake that hit Hawaii?
let`s hope he is alright .
RIP Dime
This is Jeff's girlfriend, and I'm sorry to tell you...he got smashed it the crotch with his 30-watt amp. But the good thing is he's a soprano now!!! biggrin.gif

Just kidding. laugh.gif
Thanks for your concern guys.
Yes, I definitely felt it, I live in the island of Oahu, specifically I live in central Oahu. And wow!! Earthquakes are so rare here, I couldn't help but feel something had went very wrong. I haven't heard any reports of people injured yet, and I pray no one has.
It was a little after 7:00 Sunday morning, and I was sitting on my bed playing XBOX, when everything started shaking, it was just a small vibration at first, and I wasn't really sure if it was an earthquake. But then it started really shaking :eye and then I knew it was an earthquake. It was shaking pretty bad, to the point where the weights on my bench press stared shaking, and all I could do was say "HOLY CRAP!!!!" about 8 times. I was really worried because my CD collection was shaking alot, and I was scared to death for my CDs(what a thing to be scared for during a natural disaster laugh.gif ).
And there was another one a few minutes after that was about the same. Thankfully my guitar, gear, and CDs were safe, and nothing in the house was broken.
But the bad part was that the electricity went out from around 7:20am to the middle of the night!!! Boy, I tell ya, one day without electricity will really make you thankful for it. But the milk wasn't spoiled and the apples were still good!!!
Hmmm, I wonder what a 100 watt amp would do?
I've felt a couple small ones here in Ohio, small enough they are just a curiosity and give us the right to say "I survived the quake of 84" or whatever, no real damage. Just some rattling.
Now blizzards...those are something!
Anyway, glad your OK.
RIP Dime
I shouldn't have to worry about blizzards!! laugh.gif
Well, the cool thing about blizzards is......SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
RIP Dime
QUOTE (PickNGrin)
Well, the cool thing about blizzards is......SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

oh yea, that's right laugh.gif
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