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Full Version: Sight Reading 3rd Drill
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Vinod Saranga
Hi there,
Today I'm going to introduce F and G note in E string and whole notes and half notes.

Ok let's see a whole note and half notes.
Look at this picture
Click to view attachment

The notes you practised till now is called quater notes.You count 1 2 3 4 on each Metonome click.
2 quater notes = 1 half note.
2 half notes = 1 whole note

When playing if you see a half note stay for a two counts If it's a whole note stay for four counts.

Ok let's see what's are our new notes
Click to view attachment

Ok now
Download the Guitar pro files or Pictures of the drill and the simple tune.

1.Sing the notes (not the pitch)

2.Play on your guitar with your Metronome or with your guitar pro.

Click to view attachment

A Simple tune
Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
Vinod Saranga
It is better to use fingerpicking.
Kosei Kubota
Well prepared Vinod!
This would be a nice introduction for score reading.
Good job!
Sweet! I think I'm starting to get this biggrin.gif Will definitely help on my violin playing!
Hey Vinod,

this sight reading course is great. smile.gif I just added sight reading to my practice routine as it's something I would really like to master. Are you going to continue posting new drills? I would greatly appreciate it.
Kosei Kubota
Hi, Vinod!

Great lesson. After a year, all GMCer will be reading music!
Vinod Saranga
QUOTE (Kosei Kubota @ Oct 7 2007, 02:18 PM) *
Hi, Vinod!

Great lesson. After a year, all GMCer will be reading music!

Thanx Kosei

Next drills may take some time as I'm extreamly busy these days
Hope you guys enjoy sight reading biggrin.gif
Vinod Saranga
You Play violin too? smile.gif
Remember, for those who do not have GuitarPro, there is TuxGuitar available for free, which can work with the GuitarPro formats:

It's also listed in the Recording forum under Recording Software.
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