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Full Version: Pagans Mind
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Anyone else here into Pagans Mind?

I first heard these guys at ProgPowerUSA in 2007 and man, they blew the roof off of the place.

Amazing band.

They will be back in Atlanta GA for next years festival. WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!
Lian Gerbino
I didnĀ“t know them, thanks for sharing man wink.gif
They are certainly worth a listen.

Very talented musicians.
Yeah pretty cool band but somehow I hate how the singer moves and stuff when he sings tongue.gif
I actually haven't seen any of their videos or anything like that but I have 3 of their albums - I really like the music. Well worth listening to - vocals are pretty good along with the pretty tight playing.

Alot of their songs remind me of a heavier version of Queensryche with a similar vocal style.
When their guitar player really gets going it makes me think of Dream Theater. Only more listenable....

Yeah I know what you mean.

My guitar practice group last year sat down and spent a number of days trying to find new bands - the three of us had been out of touch for the last five years or more (I really hadn't listened to anything really new since the mid 80's). I hadn't even heard of Dream Theatre I was so out of touch.

After some deliberations, we came up with the list of albums we needed to order from the following bands:

Pagan's Mind
Vanden Plas
Symphony X

However, I think we have only touched a small sample that is out there - many were rejected because of the vocals.

Pagan's Mind was definitely a keeper for our listening group.
I thoroughly enjoy Kamelot's "Karma" album. Man that guy can sing!!!!

Nightwish is a favorite too. Say them 2x on the last tour.

Symphony X's "Paradise Lost" album is KILLER!!!!!

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