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Full Version: Hellacopters Final Concerts
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Hellacopters will live stream their final conerts in Sweden.

I've seen them live once when they were new, great show. And my biggest intimate moment with them were when I was standing right next to the band in the airport and I was thinking hard to myselg - "I recognize them but who are they *grmbl*" laugh.gif Finally figured out but I'm not the kind of fan that will break into tears and scream so I didn't bother biggrin.gif I waited for them to approach me and comment on my good work but they never did so.. whatever cool.gif
Sweet, I'm gonna watch that for sure smile.gif
I've seen them live as well, awesome band!!!

Too bad they won't be around any longer sad.gif
Thanks for telling us biggrin.gif
I'll definetly watch that ^^
I saw their show last night in Jönköping, and all i can say is WOW! They there tighter than a pair of leatherpants! They just pumped out riffs and the drummer went on (like always) like a madman. They really are a GREAT liveband, and the crowd just went nuts for pretty much the whole show. It's a shame they didn't get more international recognition. They really deserved it.
I saw them at "Where the action is" @ Stockholm.. like 2 or 3 years ago. They were the best band. They were totally awesome and tight; really dig their music.

Great stuff.
CET, isn't that GMT +2?
They have started airing the concert now ohmy.gif
First show has started!!!! enjoy

There are 3 more shows, one tonight and 2 tomorrow
Extremely good quality biggrin.gif

Looks like the drummer could need some more cowbell, though.. laugh.gif
One of the things I really dig about them, is that they have a really old school drummer. And the aggression in their playing too smile.gif
hehe, Dregen, the original lead guitarist joined forces on "gotta get some action" biggrin.gif:D
second concert is on now.

Two more tomorrow
Thanks! I'll watch it. Seen them live once.
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